Apache Kafka - Real-time Stream Processing (Master Class) [Video]

By Prashant Kumar Pandey
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About this video

If you want to understand the concept of stream processing, this course is for you. Using Kafka, the course will help you get to grips with real-time stream processing and enable you to apply that knowledge to learn Kafka programming techniques.

This course uses the Kafka Streams library available in Apache Kafka 2.x. All the source code and examples on Apache Kafka 2.3 open-source distribution have been tested. You'll understand and explore Confluent Platform functionalities such as Schema Registry and Avro Serdes using the Confluent Community Version. This course makes extensive use of IntelliJ IDEA and Apache Maven as the preferred development IDE. You'll leverage Log4J2 and JUnit5 for industry-standard log implementation in your application and implementing unit test cases, respectively.

The code bundle is available at https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Apache-Kafka---Real-time-Stream-Processing-Master-Class

Publication date:
April 2020
11 hours 0 minutes

About the Author
  • Prashant Kumar Pandey

    Prashant Kumar Pandey is passionate about helping people learn and grow in their careers by bridging the gap between their existing and required skills. In his journey to fulfill this mission, he is authoring books, publishing technical articles, and creating training videos to help IT professionals and students succeed in the industry. He is also the founder, lead author, and chief editor of the Learning Journal portal that has been providing various skill development courses, training sessions, and technical articles since 2018.

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Apache Kafka - Real-time Stream Processing (Master Class) [Video]
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