The Complete Python Course [Video]

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By Codestars by Rob Percival , Jose Salvatierra Fuentes
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  1. Introduction to Python

About this video

With its increasing popularity in the last few years, the demand for Python skills in the job market is booming. Equipped with Python skills, you can easily enter some of the most exciting industries, including data science, web applications, and home automation.

In this course, you’ll learn Python by building impressive applications. The course starts with an introduction to Python, covering the basics and the installation process. As you advance, you’ll understand all about the inner workings of Python and write professional-grade code to develop applications by following the principles of Python and object-oriented programming (OOP). Once you've got to grips with the fundamentals, you’ll delve into advanced Python concepts such as handling databases in Python, web development, and web scraping. You’ll also interact with APIs and learn advanced OOP concepts and GUI development with Tkinter. Toward the end, you’ll perform unit testing, learn about algorithms, data structures, and Python libraries, and end with a refresher on the major Python topics that’ll help you to encapsulate your learning so far.

By the end of this course, you’ll have mastered the Python skills needed to build robust and powerful applications.

The code bundle for this course is available at

Publication date:
August 2019
34 hours 38 minutes

About the Authors

  • Codestars by Rob Percival

    Rob Percival, a best-selling Udemy instructor, wants to revolutionize the way people learn to code by making it simple, logical, fun, and—above all—accessible. He created Codestars, a team of instructors that create structured, interactive courses that make it easy for learners of all ages and levels to build functional websites and apps.

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  • Jose Salvatierra Fuentes

    Teclado by Jose Salvatierra - Software Development For Everyone

    Teclado was founded by best-selling instructor Jose Salvatierra to bring software development to everyone. We create and develop great, informative, and fun courses for you to advance your career and acquire new skills. Excellent quality, superb student support, and on-demand topics mark our courses. We hope to see you on the inside!

    He's been teaching computer science and playing and teaching music (grades 1 to 8) for over four years, to students of all ages and all skill levels. He started programming at the age of 10. Ever since he started learning to the program, he knew he wanted to study Computer Science. Half a decade ago, he ended up at the University of Dundee, studying Applied Computing. He has worked for "Eseye", an M2M company, as an intern doing mainly backend developing, writing PHP scripts and programming Zenoss ZenPacks, and currently work for Skyscanner, one of Scotland's largest technology companies, programming mainly in Python and web languages. Now, he enjoys programming in Python, Java, and C, playing and recording music, usually as an accompanying pianist for singers, and sports and bodybuilding. He ensures that his courses are interesting to you, enjoyable and that you learn from them!

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Latest Reviews

(15 reviews total)
Good course! I enjoyed it
excelente por que pude comprarlos en promoción a un excelente precio
Content and presentations are well thought out and geared toward readers at any level.

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The Complete Python Course [Video]
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