Building Real-World Web Applications with Vue.js 3: Build a portfolio of Vue.js and TypeScript web applications to advance your career in web development

Building Real-World Web Applications with Vue.js 3: Build a portfolio of Vue.js and TypeScript web applications to advance your career in web development

By Joran Quinten


BookEllipseJan 2024Ellipse318 pagesEllipse1st Edition






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€14.99 Monthly

Key benefits

    • Increase your prospects of securing employment as a web developer
    • Familiarize yourself with the Vue ecosystem and build more advanced applications by leveraging the fundamentals
    • Progress at your own pace and build a personal project using a modern tech stack
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Book description

In the ever-evolving web development landscape, Vue.js stands out with its intuitive design and progressive framework, empowering developers to create interactive and dynamic web applications. This book will help you stay in the forefront of modern web technologies by mastering Vue.js through hands-on projects and practical applications. Building Real-World Web Applications with Vue.js 3 is your guide to exploring the core concepts of Vue.js, setting up your development environment, and creating your first Vue.js application. You’ll progress by building a recipe app using Vuetify, followed by leveraging data visualization to create a fitness tracker featuring dynamic dashboards using external databases and Vue-ChartJS. You'll then get to grips with multiplatform development with Quasar to deploy your app. As you develop an interactive quiz app, you’ll be introduced to server-side logic with Nuxt.js, WebSockets for real-time communication, and client-server differentiation. Additionally, you’ll study experimental object recognition using TensorFlow, leveraging machine learning and camera input, and conclude by creating a portfolio website with Nuxt and Storyblok. By the end of this book, you'll have the knowledge and confidence to create your own Vue.js applications and build a portfolio to showcase your Vue.js skills to potential employers.

Who is this book for?

This book is for aspiring Vue.js developers eager to dive into practical projects. Whether you're just starting your Vue.js journey or have basic knowledge of JavaScript and web technologies, this book is a valuable resource, taking a hands-on approach to establishing a solid foundation in Vue.js while working on a variety of real-world projects.

What you will learn

Master VueJS fundamentals and best practices Build real-world applications and create a portfolio Use VueRouter and manage state with Pinia Implement Vuetify for rapid UI development Develop multiplatform apps with Quasar Framework Create interactive quizzes using WebSocket connections Apply TensorFlow for object recognition Build a portfolio website with Nuxt and Storyblok CMS

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Product Details

Publication date :

Jan 12, 2024

Length :

318 pages

Edition :

1st Edition

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Table of Contents

17 Chapters


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Part 1: Getting Started with Vue.js Development

Chapter 1: Introduction to Vue.js

Technical requirements

The need for Vue.js

Requirements and tooling

Setting up the development environment

My first app


Chapter 2: Creating a Todo List App

A new project

Building up the app

Reactivity explained

Single File Components

The Vue.js DevTools


Chapter 3: Building a Local Weather App

Technical requirements

Initializing the app

Working with different types of APIs

Handling data from a third-party API

Styling with Tailwind

Ensuring stability with Vitest


Chapter 4: Creating the Marvel Explorer App

Technical requirements

Getting started with our new project

The Superhero connection

Marvelous routes in a single-page application

Composables, assemble!

Managing the roster

A different vision


Part 2: Intermediate Projects

Chapter 5: Building a Recipe App with Vuetify

Technical requirements

A new Vue project

Let’s get cooking

Quick development with Vuetify

Connecting the recipes to our app

Using Pinia for state management


Chapter 6: Creating a Fitness Tracker with Data Visualization

Technical requirements

Creating a client

Setting up the database

Handling the user

App state

Exercise tracking

Our hard work visualized


Chapter 7: Building a Multiplatform Expense Tracker Using Quasar

Technical requirements

Setting up the database

Using Quasar to build a project

Authenticating with Supabase and Quasar

Building the app with the Quasar CLI


Part 3: Advanced Applications

Chapter 8: Building an Interactive Quiz App

Technical requirements

Entities in the quiz app setup

Setting up the database


Setting up the SQS

Creating the CQA


Chapter 9: Experimental Object Recognition with TensorFlow

Technical requirements

Introduction to TensorFlow

Scavenge Hunter

Object recognition from the camera

Wrapping up the game flow


Part 4: Wrapping Up

Chapter 10: Creating a Portfolio with Nuxt.js and Storyblok

Technical requirements

Setting up Storyblok

Working with multiple content types

Modifying the content model

Generating a standalone website

Publishing the static site

You made it!


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