Visual Studio 2019 Tricks and Techniques

By Paul Schroeder , Aaron Cure
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  1. Section 1: Visual Studio IDE Productivity Essentials

About this book

Visual Studio 2019 (VS 2019) and Visual Studio Code (VS Code) are powerful professional development tools that help you to develop applications for any platform with ease. Whether you want to create web, mobile, or desktop applications, Microsoft Visual Studio is your one-stop solution. This book demonstrates some of the most sophisticated capabilities of the tooling and shows you how to use the integrated development environment (IDE) more efficiently to be more productive.

You’ll begin by gradually building on concepts, starting with the basics. The introductory chapters cover shortcuts, snippets, and numerous optimization tricks, along with debugging techniques, source control integration, and other important IDE features that will help you make your time more productive. With that groundwork in place, more advanced concepts such as the inner workings of project and item templates are covered. You will also learn how to write quality, secure code more efficiently as well as discover how certain Visual Studio features work 'under the hood'.

By the end of this Visual Studio book, you’ll have learned how to write more secure code faster than ever using your knowledge of the extensions and processes that make developing successful solutions more enjoyable and repeatable.

Publication date:
January 2021


Section 1: Visual Studio IDE Productivity Essentials

This section provides the foundational knowledge all developers using Visual Studio should know in order to improve their productivity. Beyond the basics, some of the lesser-known features of the integrated development environment (IDE) are uncovered. Numerous hands-on exercises dive deep into how Visual Studio works behind the scenes.

This section has the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1, Flavors of Visual Studio
  • Chapter 2, Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Chapter 3, IDE Tips and Tricks
  • Chapter 4, Working with a Repository
  • Chapter 5, Working with Snippets
  • Chapter 6, Database Explorers
  • Chapter 7, Compiling, Debugging, and Version Control

About the Authors

  • Paul Schroeder

    Paul Schroeder is a versatile application developer, speaker, author, and managing director at MSC Technology Consulting. Along with a multi-decade professional IT career, Paul has a bachelor's degree in computer science and an MBA, and has earned an MCSD certification for web development. Whether coding or not, Paul enjoys spending time with his marvelous and talented wife, Robin, herself a Xamarin developer/speaker who creates Bluetooth mesh mobile applications. Drawn to code generation, Paul is the inspiration behind CodeGenHero™, an innovative Visual Studio extension, covered in Chapter 14, Be Your Team's Hero with CodeGenHero. Follow Paul at PaulBSchroeder.

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  • Aaron Cure

    Aaron Cure is a principal security consultant for Cypress Data Defense specializing in penetration testing, secure SDLC, static code review, and secure architectures. His certifications include CISSP, GPEN, GMOB, GWAPT, and GSSP-NET. As a global speaker and instructor, Aaron is passionate about helping developers understand and write safe and secure code. Aaron transitioned to programming after a decade as a Russian linguist and a satellite repair technician in the Army. He was an early adopter of technologies such as Mono and NHibernate for cross-platform development. Besides .NET, he has programmed in PHP, Python, Perl, TCL/TK, and Java. Currently, Aaron programs almost entirely in VS Code and .NET Core with projects transitioning to .NET 5.

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