The Full Stack Web Developer Academy For Beginners [Video]

By Chris Dixon
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About this video

If you are an aspiring web developer or have a little experience, then this is the only course you will need!

This course has been designed to give you a structured learning journey, teaching all the skills you need to build full-stack web applications!

We begin with a little background into HTML, what it is, and how it came about.

Then we take a deep dive into learning about how to use HTML, learning things such as Setting up an HTML project, HTML Structure, Headings, Div and span elements, Adding text and links, Formatting text, Lists, Images, Semantic elements and so on and will move onto styling with CSS. We then take the project even further by learning all about responsive design to make your websites look great on all size devices. Then onto the CSS Flexbox and CSS Grid. After this, we learn about the responsive Bootstrap 4 framework. The next sections will be teaching you all about Javascript, API'S and fetching data and a lot more.

We round things off by building a full-stack application called 'Let's travel!'. This is a big project, which is a fun, yet challenging hotel booking project.

All the codes and supporting files for this course are available at -

Publication date:
November 2019
24 hours 0 minutes

About the Author

  • Chris Dixon

    Chris Dixon is a web developer and online teacher. He is passionate about what he does and about teaching others. He is also an online and offline business owner. His personal motivation was to become his own boss and gain more freedom and flexibility in his life. He also enjoys the technical challenge being his own boss provides and the way it constantly evolves. He built his first website back in 1999 and has watched the web evolve into what it is today. He believes that building websites are an excellent career choice. He tries to make his courses enjoyable and to remember what it was like when he was learning. He also believes the best way to learn is by doing and tries to include as many practical examples as possible in his courses. Thanks for taking an interest—looking forward to working with you.

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