Learn Azure Sentinel

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By Richard Diver , Gary Bushey
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    Section 1: Design and Implementation

About this book

Azure Sentinel is a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tool developed by Microsoft to integrate cloud security and artificial intelligence (AI). Azure Sentinel not only helps clients identify security issues in their environment, but also uses automation to help resolve these issues. With this book, you’ll implement Azure Sentinel and understand how it can help find security incidents in your environment with integrated artificial intelligence, threat analysis, and built-in and community-driven logic.

This book starts with an introduction to Azure Sentinel and Log Analytics. You’ll get to grips with data collection and management, before learning how to create effective Azure Sentinel queries to detect anomalous behaviors and patterns of activity. As you make progress, you’ll understand how to develop solutions that automate the responses required to handle security incidents. Finally, you’ll grasp the latest developments in security, discover techniques to enhance your cloud security architecture, and explore how you can contribute to the security community.

By the end of this book, you’ll have learned how to implement Azure Sentinel to fit your needs and be able to protect your environment from cyber threats and other security issues.

Publication date:
April 2020


Section 1: Design and Implementation

In this section, you will gain an overview of Azure Sentinel, including the current cloud landscape, the cloud security reference framework, Security Operations Center (SOC) platform components, and how to map the architecture. You will also learn about Azure Monitor Log Analytics, including how to plan your Log Analytics instance, how to create a new instance, and how to attach an instance to Azure Sentinel.

The following chapters are included in this section:

  • Chapter 1, Getting Started with Azure Sentinel
  • Chapter 2, Azure Monitor – Log Analytics

About the Authors

  • Richard Diver

    Richard Diver is a senior technical business strategy manager for the Microsoft Security Solutions group, focused on developing security partners. Based in Chicago, Richard works with advanced security and compliance partners to help them build solutions across the entire Microsoft platform, including Microsoft Sentinel, Microsoft Defender, Microsoft 365 security solutions, and many more. Prior to Microsoft, Richard worked in multiple industries and for several Microsoft partners to architect and implement cloud security solutions for a wide variety of customers around the world. Any spare time he gets is usually spent with his family.

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  • Gary Bushey

    Gary Bushey is an Azure security expert with over 25 years of IT experience. He got his start early on when he helped his fifth-grade math teacher with their programming homework and worked all one summer to be able to afford his first computer, a Commodore 64. When he sold his first program, an apartment management system, at 14 he was hooked. During his career, he has worked as a developer, consultant, trainer, and architect. When not spending time in front of a computer, you can find him hiking in the woods, taking pictures, or just picking a direction and finding out what is around the next corner.

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Great Information, at a great price.

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Learn Azure Sentinel
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