Mastering Azure Security

By Mustafa Toroman , Tom Janetscheck
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    Section 1: Identity and Governance
About this book
Security is always integrated into cloud platforms, causing users to let their guard down as they take cloud security for granted.Cloud computing brings new security challenges, but you can overcome these with Microsoft Azure's shared responsibility model. Mastering Azure Security covers the latest security features provided by Microsoft to identify different threats and protect your Azure cloud using innovative techniques. The book takes you through the built-in security controls and the multi-layered security features offered by Azure to protect cloud workloads across apps and networks. You'll get to grips with using Azure Security Center for unified security management, building secure application gateways on Azure, protecting the cloud from DDoS attacks, safeguarding with Azure Key Vault, and much more. Additionally, the book covers Azure Sentinel, monitoring and auditing, Azure security and governance best practices, and securing PaaS deployments. By the end of this book, you'll have developed a solid understanding of cybersecurity in the cloud and be able to design secure solutions in Microsoft Azure.
Publication date:
May 2020

About the Authors
  • Mustafa Toroman

    Mustafa Toroman is a solution architect focused on cloud-native applications and migrating existing systems to the cloud. He is very interested in DevOps processes and cybersecurity, and he is also an Infrastructure as Code enthusiast and DevOps InstituteAmbassador. Mustafa often speaks at international conferences about cloud technologies. He has been an MVP for Microsoft Azure since 2016 and a C# Corner MVP since 2020. Mustafa has also authored several books about Microsoft Azure and cloud computing, all published by Packt.

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  • Tom Janetscheck

    Tom Janetscheck is a senior program manager at Microsoft's Cloud Security CxE team for Microsoft Defender for Cloud. Prior to this, he has been working in different internal and external IT and consulting roles for almost two decades, with a strong focus on cloud infrastructure, architecture, and security. As a well-known international conference speaker, tech blogger, and book author, and as one of the founders and organizers of the Azure Saturday community conferences, the former Microsoft MVP is actively taking his experience into international tech communities. In his spare time, Tom is an enthusiastic motorcyclist, scuba diver, guitarist, bassist, rookie drummer, and station officer at a local fire department.

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Mastering Azure Security
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