Implementing Event-Driven Architecture in .NET 5

By Wael Rabadi
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About this book

Time-to-market and real-time data analysis are the norm of today’s businesses. This demand is addressed by event-driven architectures that allow better management of the application lifecycle and an automated path to production. This practical book is designed to help .NET developers working on developing business applications to implement event-driven architecture for producing highly scalable and performant systems.

Starting by exploring technical concepts that will help you to architect an event-driven app in .NET 5, you’ll then learn .NET 5’s key capabilities and also how to set up the application that you’ll be building throughout the course of the book. As you progress through the chapters, you’ll be able to take your application through different phases of complexity by covering topics relating to domain-driven design, microservices, asynchronous design, and producing and processing events generated in your event-driven application. Moving ahead, you'll understand the path to production as you delve into testing, containerization, opportunities in the cloud, and the patterns available. Toward the end, you’ll solve challenges relating to message management, data loss avoidance, and real-time multi-event management.

By the end of this book, you'll be able to articulate, plan, build, and deploy event-driven applications in .NET 5.

Publication date:
August 2021

About the Author

  • Wael Rabadi

    Wael Rabadi is a Solutions Architect at VMware, Inc. He has 20+ years of work experience in software development roles in building enterprise business applications for various industries. He has been involved in all aspects of the SDLC process and has in-depth hands-on involvement in coding, design, and architecture. Wael’s focus is on the full solution architecture spectrum that can meet business demand for lean/agile DevOps structure and that can deliver modern products on a highly available distributed system. This includes refreshed learning of modern design principles and hands-on application in mobile and web development tools and practices, API platform design, and data architectures (e.g. event-driven architecture, streaming architecture) that target modern Cloud Platforms, Security and best practices. He has also worked as a Solution Architect at various companies such as IBM, Dell, Pivotal Software, Inc., etc.

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