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pfSense is an open-source security suite based on OpenBSD, the world's most secure operating system. It is used by top-notch network security professionals to provide highly versatile network control complete with advanced traffic routes, firewalls, and monitoring tools.

This course will teach you how to install and configure core pfSense services such as firewalls, routing, and network segregation. You will also learn how to successfully secure, monitor, and maintain your networks with pfSense. Advanced topics include custom firewall rules, automated blocking, virtual private networks, and more!

We will create a virtual network with two secure LANs, a DMZ and a public Internet connection with robust security features. By the end of this course, you will be confident using pfSense to secure physical and virtual networks using the industry's most exciting network perimeter defense system.

Style and Approach

Using screen recordings of an actual pfSense installation, we cover all the key aspects of graphical User Interfaces so you can quickly and easily navigate every feature for years to come. Well narrated audio with carefully chosen vocabulary provide deep and meaningful context for advanced network security concepts.We strive to make these esoteric topics easy to understand while showing you how to secure your networks, and explain why doing so is critical to your future; the future of your company, clients and data; and the future of the internet itself. These videos provide the ultimate power course in network security tools for Linux- and BSD-based systems in a fun and challenging way. Chock-full of top-tier security concepts and industry standard tools, this course will be an invaluable resource during your career as a network administrator regardless of what operating systems or cloud platforms you use.

Publication date:
February 2019
5 hours 14 minutes

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  • Jason White

    Jason White is a freelance cloud security consultant with 25 years in remote network administration and a lifetime spent writing code in languages including BASICA, Bash, C, PHP, JavaScript and others. In his spare time, he provides real-time troubleshooting and instruction for a wide variety of modern technologies specializing in designing, installing, and debugging scalable network applications in the cloud.

    A native of the United States, Jason is a well-spoken outdoors enthusiast who can turn difficult technical topics into easy-to-understand analogies in a fun and entertaining way. Jason also belongs to MENSA and enjoys using his unique gifts to provide solutions, insight, and education to aspiring intellects.

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Great but not as cheap as I would have liked.

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