Automating Administration Using Ansible on CentOS 8 [Video]

By Andrew Mallett
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    Automating Linux Administration Using Ansible
About this video

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 – the RHCE has changed to manage your Linux estate with Ansible, the configuration management system owned by Red Hat. This video course not only helps you to develop the necessary Ansible skills, but it also allows you to prepare for the Red Hat Certification.

The course starts with an introduction to Ansible and Red Hat Certifications, covering the basics and installation process of Ansible on CentOS 8 and Debian based systems. Next, you’ll understand Ansible configuration, inventory, and ad-hoc commands. Moving along, you’ll get a solid understanding of Ansible playbooks and learn the process of creating a DevOps account. Moving along, you’ll work with facts, variables, files, templates, and configure SSH servers. As you advance, you’ll encrypt data using Ansible vault and learn how to deploy the Apache webserver. Next, you’ll become well-versed with the concepts of roles and understand the reason behind configuring the Amazon Web Server (AWS). Finally, you’ll manage storage using Ansible and create Linux scheduled tasks.

By the end of this course, you’ll develop the skills needed to automate Linux tasks using Ansible on CentOS 8, Ubuntu, and Raspberry PI.

Publication date:
November 2020
5 hours 25 minutes

About the Author
  • Andrew Mallett

    Andrew Mallett has been working professionally with Linux since 1999; much of that time as an Instructor. He now runs his consultancy where he works with and writes about Linux. He is onto his 5th book with Packt and has 65,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel: theurbanpenguin. You can be assured that he masters Linux and is passionate to share his knowledge with you.

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Latest Reviews (1 reviews total)
Up until now, I don't think the video really covers the Red Hat EX294 exam curricula. The presenter reads some text and tries to give explanations, but spends only little time in the terminal. It's an OK value for 5$, but I will definitely read other resources before attempting to take the exam. Another thing I really don't like is the way he overlaps an idea in the ending of a video, with the beginning of the following one. This only wastes my time and lengthens the video span. I am still following the video, will update the review when I am done with it.
Automating Administration Using Ansible on CentOS 8 [Video]
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