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Whether you want to learn game development as a beginner or master the latest techniques and technologies at the cutting-edge of the games industry, Packt’s extensive library of game development eBooks and videos have got you covered.

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  1. 238 pages
    Coding Roblox Games Made Easy
    January 2021
    Get up and running with Roblox development with the help of expert guidance for working with Roblox components and Lua programming
  2. 10 hours 8 minutes
    Unity Projects 2020: Twenty+ Mini Projects in Unity and C# [Video]
    December 2020
    Learn Unity game development and C# scripting by building twenty+ mini games and design projects
  3. 822 pages
    Game Development Projects with Unreal Engine
    November 2020
    Learn the tools and techniques of game design using a project-based approach with Unreal Engine 4 and C++
  4. 676 pages
    Unity 2020 By Example - Third Edition
    September 2020
    Learn Unity game development with C# through a series of practical projects ranging from building a simple 2D game to adding AR/VR experiences and machine learning capabilities in a simple yet effective way
  5. 366 pages
    Learning C# by Developing Games with Unity 2020 - Fifth Edition
    August 2020
    Get to grips with the fundamentals of C# programming and Unity game development from the ground up with this revised and updated fifth edition of the bestselling practical guide
  6. 464 pages
    Unity 2020 Mobile Game Development - Second Edition
    August 2020
    Create and publish profitable and engaging 2D and 3D games for Android and iOS with the latest Unity 2020 toolset
  7. 592 pages
    Unity 2020 Virtual Reality Projects - Third Edition
    July 2020

    Explore the latest features of Unity and build VR experiences including first-person interactions, audio fireball games, 360-degree media, art gallery tours, and VR storytelling

  8. 580 pages
    Hands-On Unity 2020 Game Development
    July 2020

    Build immersive game experiences using the new Unity 2020 features with this practical guide

  9. 762 pages
    Unity Certified Programmer: Exam Guide
    June 2020

    A practical guide to Unity game scripting using C#, backed with practice tests, exam tips, and easy-to-follow examples to help you better prepare for the exam and become a pro in Unity programming

  10. 658 pages
    Blender 3D By Example - Second Edition
    May 2020

    Get up and running with Blender 3D through a series of practical projects that will help you learn core concepts of 3D design like modeling, sculpting, materials, textures, lighting, and rigging using the latest features of Blender 2.83

  11. 746 pages
    Beginning C++ Game Programming - Second Edition
    October 2019
    Get to grips with programming techniques and game development using C++ libraries and Visual Studio 2019
  12. 380 pages
    Blueprints Visual Scripting for Unreal Engine - Second Edition
    August 2019
    Develop high-quality interactive games with the power of Unreal Engine's visual scripting language and Blueprints framework
  13. 202 pages
    Unreal Engine 4 Game Development Quick Start Guide
    May 2019
    Learn how to use Unreal Engine 4 by building 3D and multiplayer games using Blueprints
  14. 596 pages
    Hands-On Game Development with WebAssembly
    May 2019
    Make your WebAssembly journey fun while making a game with it
  15. 420 pages
    C++ Game Development By Example
    May 2019
    Explore modern game programming and rendering techniques to build games using C++ programming language and its popular libraries

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