SwiftUI Cookbook

By Giordano Scalzo , Edgar Nzokwe
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About this book

SwiftUI is an innovative and simple way to build beautiful user interfaces for all Apple platforms, right from iOS and macOS through to watchOS and tvOS, using the Swift programming language. In this recipe-based book, you’ll work with SwiftUI and explore a range of essential techniques and concepts that will help you through the development process.

The cookbook begins by explaining how to set up Xcode for SwiftUI development.

You will learn the core concepts of UI development such as Views, Controls, Lists, and ScrollViews using practical implementation in Swift. By learning drawings, building shapes, and adding animations and transitions, you’ll discover how to add useful features to the SwiftUI. When you’re ready, you’ll understand how to integrate SwiftUI with exciting new components in the Apple development ecosystem such as Combine for managing events, Core Data for managing app data, and Catalysts for building macOS apps using iOS logic.

By the end of this SwiftUI book, you will have progressed from learning how to build basic SwiftUI views to customizing data fetch requests, and even publishing the app in the App Store.

Publication date:
October 2020

About the Authors

  • Giordano Scalzo

    Giordano Scalzo is a developer with 20 years of programming experience, since the days of ZX Spectrum. He has worked in Swift, Objective-C, C/C++, Java, .Net, Ruby, Python, and in a ton of other languages that he has forgotten the names of. After years of backend development, over the past 5 years, Giordano has developed extensively for iOS, releasing more than 20 apps—apps that he wrote for clients, enterprise applications, or on his own. Currently, he is a contractor in London, where he delivers code for iOS through his company, Effective Code Ltd, with the objective being quality and reliability.

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  • Edgar Nzokwe

    Edgar Nzokwe is a software engineer at Booz Allen and an adjunct computer science instructor at Howard Community College in Maryland. He has more than 5 years of experience in the field of software engineering and has spent most of that time building web and mobile applications. His areas of expertise include SwiftUI, UIKit, and Kotlin. Edgar is dedicated to advancing the knowledge base of SwiftUI because he believes it will significantly improve UI and cross-platform app development time.

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