Free PDF eBook: R Deep Learning Essentials

Download your FREE copy of 'R Deep Learning Essentials'

Get everything you need to know to enter the world of deep learning when it comes to R with this download. This quick 170 page title offers you the essentials every developer needs to get started - from the packages you need to have for your side, building models related to neural networks, prediction, and deep prediction, to fine tuning and optimizing everything you have. It’s time to see what Deep Learning is like with R!

What You Will Learn

  • Set up the R package H2O to train deep learning models
  • Understand the core concepts behind deep learning models
  • Use Autoencoders to identify anomalous data or outliers
  • Predict or classify data automatically using deep neural networks
  • Build generalizable models using regularization to avoid overfitting the training data
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