Pandas Cookbook

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  • ● Master the fundamentals of pandas to quickly begin exploring any dataset
  • ● Isolate any subset of data by properly selecting and querying the data
  • ● Split data into independent groups before applying aggregations and transformations to each group
  • ● Restructure data into tidy form to make data analysis and visualization easier
  • ● Prepare real-world messy datasets for machine learning
  • ● Combine and merge data from different sources through pandas SQL-like operations
  • ● Utilize pandas unparalleled time series functionality
  • ● Create beautiful and insightful visualizations through pandas direct hooks to Matplotlib and Seaborn

This book will provide you with unique, idiomatic, and fun recipes for both fundamental and advanced data manipulation tasks with pandas. Some recipes focus on achieving a deeper understanding of basic principles, or comparing and contrasting two similar operations. Other recipes will dive deep into a particular dataset, uncovering new and unexpected insights along the way.

The pandas library is massive, and it’s common for frequent users to be unaware of many of its more impressive features. The official pandas documentation, while thorough, does not contain many useful examples of how to piece together multiple commands like one would do during an actual analysis. This book guides you, as if you were looking over the shoulder of an expert, through practical situations that you are highly likely to encounter.

Many advanced recipes combine several different features across the pandas library to generate results.

  • Use the power of pandas to solve most complex scientific computing problems with ease
  • Leverage fast, robust data structures in pandas to gain useful insights from your data
  • Practical, easy to implement recipes for quick solutions to common problems in data using pandas
Page Count 532
Course Length 15 hours 57 minutes
ISBN 9781784393878
Date Of Publication 23 Oct 2017


Theodore Petrou

Theodore Petrou is the founder of Dunder Data, a training company dedicated to helping teach the Python data science ecosystem effectively to individuals and corporations. Read his tutorials and attempt his data science challenges at the Dunder Data website.