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Theodore Petrou

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Theodore Petrou is a data scientist and the founder of Dunder Data, a professional educational company focusing on exploratory data analysis. He is also the head of Houston Data Science, a meetup group with more than 2,000 members that has the primary goal of getting local data enthusiasts together in the same room to practice data science. Before founding Dunder Data, Ted was a data scientist at Schlumberger, a large oil services company, where he spent the vast majority of his time exploring data.

Some of his projects included using targeted sentiment analysis to discover the root cause of part failures from engineer text, developing customized client/server dashboarding applications, and real-time web services to avoid mispricing sales items. Ted received his Masters degree in statistics from Rice University, and used his analytical skills to play poker professionally and teach math before becoming a data scientist. Ted is a strong supporter of learning through practice and can often be found answering questions about pandas on Stack Overflow.

Books from Theodore Petrou

  1. Pandas Cookbook
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    Over 95 hands-on recipes to leverage the power of pandas for efficient scientific computation and data analysis
  2. Data Visualization Recipes in Python [Video]
    RRP $124.99 Save 92%
    Utilize Python’s most efficient libraries—pandas, matplotlib, and Seaborn—for data visualization and time series analysis
  3. Data Analysis and Exploration with Pandas [Video]
    RRP $124.99 Save 92%
    Get idiomatic solutions to common data problems while working on real-world datasets and get surprising insights from the pandas library