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Selenium Testing Tools Cookbook

Unmesh Gundecha

Unlock the full potential of Selenium WebDriver to test your web applications in a wide range of situations. The countless recipes and code examples provided ease the learning curve and provide insights into virtually every eventuality.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781849515740
Paperback326 pages

About This Book

  • Learn to leverage the power of Selenium WebDriver with simple examples that illustrate real world problems and their workarounds
  • Each sample demonstrates key concepts allowing you to advance your knowledge of Selenium WebDriver in a practical and incremental way
  • Explains testing of mobile web applications with Selenium Drivers for platforms such as iOS and Android

Who This Book Is For

This book is intended for software quality assurance/testing professionals, software project managers, or software developers with prior experience in using Selenium and Java for testing web-based applications. This book also provides examples for C#, Python, and Ruby users.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Locating Elements
Using browser tools for inspecting elements and page structure
Locating an element using the findElement method
Locating elements using findElements method
Locating links
Locating elements by tag name
Locating elements using CSS selectors
Locating elements using XPath
Locating elements using text
Locating elements using advanced CSS selectors
Using jQuery selectors
Locating table rows and cells
Locating child elements in a table
Chapter 2: Working with Selenium API
Checking an element's text
Checking an element's attribute values
Checking an element's CSS values
Using Advanced User Interactions API for mouse and keyboard events
Performing double-click on an element
Performing drag-and-drop operations
Executing JavaScript code
Capturing screenshots with Selenium WebDriver
Capturing screenshots with RemoteWebDriver/Grid
Maximizing the browser window
Automating dropdowns and lists
Checking options in dropdowns and lists
Checking selected options in dropdowns and lists
Automating radio buttons and radio groups
Automating checkboxes
Controlling Windows processes
Reading a Windows registry value from Selenium WebDriver
Modifying a Windows registry value from Selenium WebDriver
Chapter 3: Controlling the Test Flow
Synchronizing a test with an implicit wait
Synchronizing a test with an explicit wait
Synchronizing a test with custom-expected conditions
Checking an element's presence
Checking an element's status
Identifying and handling a pop-up window by its name
Identifying and handling a pop-up window by its title
Identifying and handling a pop-up window by its content
Handling a simple JavaScript alert
Handling a confirm box alert
Handling a prompt box alert
Identifying and handling frames
Identifying and handling frames by their content
Working with IFRAME
Chapter 4: Data-driven Testing
Creating a data-driven test using JUnit
Creating a data-driven test using TestNG
Reading test data from a CSV file using JUnit
Reading test data from an Excel file using JUnit and Apache POI
Reading test data from a database using JUnit and JDBC
Creating a data-driven test in NUnit
Creating a data-driven test in MSTEST
Creating a data-driven test in Ruby using Roo
Creating a data-driven test in Python
Chapter 5: Using the Page Object Model
Using the PageFactory class for exposing elements from a page
Using the PageFactory class for exposing an operation on a page
Using the LoadableComponent class
Implementing nested Page Object instances
Implementing the Page Object model in .NET
Implementing the Page Object model in Python
Implementing the Page Object model in Ruby by using the page-object gem
Chapter 6: Extending Selenium
Creating an extension class for web tables
Creating an extension for the jQueryUI Tab widget
Implementing an extension for the WebElement object to set the element attribute values
Implementing an extension for the WebElement object to highlight elements
Creating an object map for Selenium tests
Capturing screenshots of elements in the Selenium WebDriver
Comparing images in Selenium
Chapter 7: Testing on Mobile Browsers
Setting up the iWebDriver App for the iPhone/iPad simulator
Setting up the iWebDriver App for an iPhone/iPad device
Running tests on iOS using the iWebDriver App and iPhone driver
Setting up the Android emulator for Selenium
Setting up the Android device for Selenium
Running tests using AndroidDriver
Chapter 8: Client-side Performance Testing
Measuring the response time using a timer
Measuring performance with the Navigation Timing API
Using the BrowserMob proxy for measuring performance
Using dynaTrace for measuring the performance
Using HttpWatch for measuring performance
Client-side performance testing with Watir-WebDriver-Performance in Ruby
Chapter 9: Testing HTML5 Web Applications
Automating the HTML5 video player
Automating interaction on the HTML5 canvas element
Web storage – testing local storage
Web storage – testing session storage
Cleaning local and session storage
Chapter 10: Recording Videos of Tests
Recording videos of tests using Monte Media Library in Java
Recording videos of tests using Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 SDK in .NET
Recording videos of tests using Castro in Python
Chapter 11: Behavior-driven Development
Using Cucumber-JVM and Selenium WebDriver in Java for BDD
Using SpecFlow.NET and Selenium WebDriver in .NET for BDD
Using JBehave and Selenium WebDriver in Java
Using Capybara, Cucumber, and Selenium WebDriver in Ruby

What You Will Learn

  • Understand Locators and use various locator methods to build reliable tests
  • Build reliable and maintainable tests with Selenium WebDriver API
  • Use PageFactory Pattern to build a robust and easy- to-maintain test framework
  • Build data driven tests and extend Selenium API to implement custom steps and checks
  • Learn to integrate and use ATDD/BDD tools such as JBehave, SpecFlow, and FitNesses with Selenium WebDriver
  • Set up iPhone/iPad & Android simulators and devices for testing your mobile web application
  • Set up Selenium Grid for faster and parallel run of tests, increasing test coverage and reducing test execution time
  • Capture screenshots and videos of test runs

In Detail

Web technologies are becoming increasingly complex and there is a need to test your web applications against a vast number of browsers and platforms, so you need to build highly reliable and maintainable test automation. This book will help you test your web applications effectively and efficiently with Selenium WebDriver.

"Selenium Testing Tools Cookbook" is an incremental guide that will help you learn and use advanced features of Selenium WebDriver API in various situations for building reliable test automation. You will learn how to effectively use features of Selenium using simple and detailed examples. This book will also teach you best practices, design patterns, and how to extend Selenium.

"Selenium Testing Tools Cookbook" shows developers and testers who already use Selenium, how to go to the next step and build a highly maintainable and reliable test framework using advanced features of the tool.

The book starts with tips on advanced location strategy and effective use of Selenium WebDriver API. Then it demonstrates the use of design patterns such as Data Driven Tests and PageFactory for building maintainable test automation.

It also explains extending Selenium WebDriver API along with implementing custom tasks and setting up your own distributed environment to run tests in parallel.

It concludes with tips on integrating Selenium WebDriver with other popular tools, testing mobile web applications, and capturing videos of test runs. This books provides examples in Java, C#, Ruby, and Python.

"Selenium Testing Tools Cookbook" will help you in building a highly robust and maintainable test automation framework from start to finish.


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