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  • Gain an insight into core and advanced TypeScript language features including inheritance and generics
  • Integrate your existing JavaScript code and third-party JavaScript libraries by writing and using declaration files
  • Write TypeScript code to target popular JavaScript frameworks such as jQuery, Backbone, Angular, Node, and Marionette
  • Create extensive testing suites for your application, including unit testing, integration testing, and browser automation with Jasmine and Selenium
  • Organize your application code using modules, and utilize Asynchronous Module Loading with require.js
  • Explore advanced object-oriented techniques including dependency injection and strongly typed domain events
  • Build a complete single-page web application with TypeScript and Marionette, incorporating object-oriented design patterns along the way

The TypeScript compiler and language has brought JavaScript development up to the enterprise level, yet still maintains backward compatibility with existing JavaScript browsers and libraries.

Packed with practical code samples, this book brings the benefits of strongly typed, object-oriented programming and design principles into the JavaScript development space. Starting with core language features, and working through more advanced topics such as generics and modules, you will learn how to gain maximum benefit from your JavaScript development with TypeScript. With a strong focus on test-driven development and coverage of many popular JavaScript frameworks, you can fast-track your TypeScript knowledge to a professional level. By the end of this book, you will be able to confidently implement a TypeScript application from scratch.

  • Focus on test-driven development to help build quality applications that are modular, scalable, maintainable, and adaptable.
  • Practical examples that show you how to use TypeScript with popular JavaScript frameworks including Backbone, Angular, Node.js, require.js, and Marionette
  • Enhance your TypeScript knowledge with in-depth discussions on language features, third-party libraries, declaration files, and so on using practical scenarios.
Page Count 364
Course Length 10 hours 55 minutes
ISBN 9781784399665
Date Of Publication 22 Apr 2015


Nathan Rozentals

Nathan Rozentals has been writing commercial software for over 23 years. Starting with COBOL on mainframes, through C, onto C++, Java and finally settling on C# and ASP.NET.

Nathan picked up TypeScript in October 2012 - a day after the 0.8.0 release - and could not put it down. In TypeScript he found a language that could bring all of the design patterns and practices he had learnt over the years - in a variety of languages - to JavaScript.

Some 6 days after the 0.8.0 release, Nathan began blogging about TypeScript; covering a variety of topics, including Unit Testing, implementing an IoC Container, and Organizing your code with AMD Modules. He knew he had hit the mark when Microsoft themselves started to reference his blog in their CodePlex discussion forums