jQuery UI Cookbook

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  • Benefits and tricks in each jQuery UI widget
  • Build your own widget using the widget factory and the theme framwork
  • Built-in event-handling utilities for inter-widget communication
  • Extend widgets to provide the missing behavior your application needs
  • Extend and improve the design of each widget using the theme framework, overriding defaults such as borders and backgrounds
  • Details about different widget configurations not covered in the jQuery UI documentation
  • Discover the role of each widget in an application and how they collectively contribute to a better user experience
  • Explore coding conventions that work best when writing jQuery UI code
  • Learn about unique perspectives on approaches to widget development – maintainability matters

jQuery UI is the quintessential framework for creating professional user interfaces. While jQuery core lays the foundation for interaction with the DOM and handling events, jQuery UI fills in the user interaction gap. This book will give you a huge productivity boost out of the box with jQuery UI, and help you understand the framework, inside and out.

"jQuery UI Cookbook" provides you with practical recipes featuring in-depth coverage of every widget in the framework, including how to address limitations that impact your everyday development activities with these widgets. You'll get a better idea of the big picture – how the framework is composed, how the widgets relate to one another, and how to build on those patterns.

Be it a minor tweak on the visual design of a progress bar or a fundamental change in a widget to meet your needs, "jQuery UI Cookbook" covers scenarios both big and small. You can show reminders as tooltips, apply a variety of effects to the menu widget, and start interactions between the dialog widget and API data using deferred objects. These and many more interesting tasks are covered in this book, which can be done with smooth learning and great understanding. You will see how button widgets can fill the width of their containing element, making the layout more consistent. Tabs can be sorted and moved between widgets. You will learn how to do all these things within the context of the big picture, by finding out why the components work the way they do, making you well-versed in jQuery UI.

  • Packed with recipes showing UI developers how to get the most out of their jQuery UI widgets
  • Solutions to real-world development issues distilled down in a reader-friendly approach
  • Code examples written in a concise and elegant format making it easy for the reader to adapt to their own style
Page Count 290
Course Length 8 hours 42 minutes
ISBN 9781782162186
Date Of Publication 18 Jul 2013


Adam Boduch

Adam Boduch has been involved in large-scale JavaScript development for nearly 10 years. Before moving to the frontend, he worked on several large-scale cloud computing products using Python and Linux. No stranger to complexity, Adam has practical experience with real-world software systems and the scaling challenges they pose. He is the author of several JavaScript and React books and is passionate about innovative user experiences and high performance.