Adam Boduch

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Adam Boduch has been involved in large-scale JavaScript development for nearly 10 years. Before moving to the frontend, he worked on several large-scale cloud computing products using Python and Linux. No stranger to complexity, Adam has practical experience with real-world software systems and the scaling challenges they pose. He is the

Books from Adam Boduch

  1. React and React Native
    RRP $39.99 Save 10%
    Use React and React Native to build applications for desktop browsers, mobile browsers, and even as native mobile apps
  2. React 16 Tooling
    RRP $35.99 Save 5%
    React 16 Tooling covers the most important tools, utilities, and libraries that every React developer needs to know — in detail.
  3. Mastering Immutable.js
    RRP $31.99 Save 5%
    This book shows JavaScript developers how to build highly dependable JavaScript projects using the Immutable.js framework.
  4. Lo-Dash Essentials
    RRP $26.99 Save 5%
    Implement fast, lean, and readable code effectively with Lo-Dash
  5. jQuery UI Themes Beginner's Guide
    RRP $23.99 Save 10%
    With a working knowledge of JavaScript you can use the JQuery UI toolkit to create professional looking applications. This book is a crash course in understanding how to build Themes, including lots of screenshots and sample code.
  6. jQuery UI Cookbook
    RRP $29.99 Save 10%
    For jQuery UI developers this is the ultimate guide to maximizing the potential of your user interfaces. Full of great practical recipes that cover every widget in the framework, it�s an essential manual.
  7. JavaScript Concurrency
    RRP $35.99 Save 5%
    Build better software with concurrent JavaScript programming, and unlock a more efficient and forward thinking approach to web development
  8. JavaScript at Scale
    RRP $39.99 Save 5%
    Build web applications that last, with scaling insights from the front-line of JavaScript development
  9. Flux Architecture
    RRP $35.99 Save 5%
    Learn to build powerful and scalable applications with Flux, the architecture that serves billions of Facebook users every day
  10. Getting Started with jQuery 3 [Video]
    RRP $124.99 Save 80%
    Create efficient and smart web applications with jQuery 3.0 using this step-by-step practical tutorial
  11. Beginning jQuery
    Create dynamic web pages and optimize your applications for the modern web
  12. Advanced JQuery 3 [Video]
    RRP $124.99 Save 80%
    Create interactive, efficient, and smart web applications with jQuery 3.0 using this step-by-step practical tutorial
  13. React Material-UI Cookbook
    RRP $27.99 Save 20%

    Develop modern-day applications by implementing Material Design principles in React using Material-UI

  14. React and React Native - Third Edition
    Get up to speed with React, React Native, GraphQL and Apollo for building cross-platform native apps with the help of practical examples