UX Design: User Interaction and Solution Testing [Video]

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By Christopher Reid Becker
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About this video

User experience (UX) design is a theoretical understanding of how users interact with websites. User experience design is the process of enhancing user satisfaction with a product by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction with the product. Everything humans interact with has an experience associated with it. Some are good, some are bad, but only recently have we begun to consciously design these experiences. We are now at a point in time when experience-design has suddenly exploded into the consciousness of business people and ordinary people all over the world. A poor user experience leads to losing out on customers and in turn the company losing out on money.

You will start off your journey by looking at InVision Prototype Testing. Here you will learn how to set up a test and who we want to test it on, and observe users go through your prototype. Next you will jump on to learning Motion Prototype Testing where you will learn about feedback survey and observe users go through your motion prototype. Further you will iterate High Fidelity prototype, review InVision notes, modify source files and re upload. Learn Iteration and great software understanding development, project management and software release.

Finally, finish the section by looking at Prototype in product development exploring to share learning, understanding user first solutions and getting development clarity. The course ends with an overview of how to use interaction throughout your UX process in order to build better products.

Style and Approach

These step-by-step approach videos are an easy-to-understand guide to UX design, and they are filled with real-world use cases on process, design, and techniques. Through this course, you’ll build a strong foundation in UX design.

Publication date:
December 2018
3 hours 2 minutes

About the Author

  • Christopher Reid Becker

    Christopher Reid Becker is a senior UX designer/lead curriculum architect (UX/UI) at 2U Inc. He comes with extensive experience in building web-based software and commercial projects accessing design thinking, human-centered user research, UX strategies, UI best practices, and interaction design to build relevant, usable, and useful human-computer interactions.

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Excellent Course, covers all aspects of UX

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