Christopher Reid Becker

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Christopher Reid Becker is a senior UX designer/lead curriculum architect (UX/UI) at 2U Inc. He comes with extensive experience in building web-based software and commercial projects accessing design thinking, human-centered user research, UX strategies, UI best practices, and interaction design to build relevant, usable, and useful human-computer interactions.

Books from Christopher Reid Becker

  1. UX Design: Understanding User Engagement [Video]
    Get to know UX design step by step and understand user engagement through real-world cases
  2. UX Design for Web Developers [Video]
    Cut through the complexities of web centered designs and build interactive, mobile friendly websites using UX design best practices
  3. UX Design - Understanding the User and Business [Video]
    Expand your knowledge domain on User Experience Design with Business Concepts
  4. The Fundamentals of User Experience - a Process for Problem Solving [Video]
    Get to grips about the user experience process with real-world examples
  5. Fundamentals of UX Techniques [Video]
    Dive in learning the fundamentals of User Experience based on process, design and techniques
  6. Advanced UX Techniques [Video]
    Get to grips with advanced UX techniques!
  7. UX Design: User Interaction and Solution Testing [Video]
    User Interaction and Solution Testing with real-world examples
  8. Learn Human-Computer Interaction
    Explore fundamentals, strategies, and emerging techniques in the field of human-computer interaction to enhance how users and computers interact