The iPhone Manual - Tips and Hacks

By Wallace Wang
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    Chapter 2: Using the New iOS 14 Apps
About this book
The iPhone is the most popular smartphone available on the market, renowned for its sophisticated design, immersive UI, and user safety. And even if you’ve bought an iPhone for its impressive specifications, you may still be unaware of many of its features, which you’ll discover with the help of this book! The iPhone Manual is your practical guide to uncovering the hidden potential of iPhones, and will leave you amazed at how productive you can be by learning tips and hacks for customizing your device as a communication, entertainment, and work tool. You’ll unearth the complete range of iPhone features and customize it to streamline your day-to-day interaction with your device. This iPhone manual will help you explore your iPhone’s impressive capabilities and fully understand all the features, functions, and settings that every iPhone owner should know. With this book, you’ll get to grips with not only the basics of communication but also best practices for accessing photos, videos, and music to set up your entertainment using your iPhone. In addition to this, you’ll learn about serious work tools that will make you productive in your everyday tasks. By the end of this iPhone book, you’ll have learned how to use your iPhone to perform tasks and customize your experience in ways you probably didn’t realize were possible.
Publication date:
November 2020


Chapter 2: Using the New iOS 14 Apps

In 2020, Apple introduced iOS 14, the latest operating system for the iPhone. Besides adding new features, iOS 14 also includeds a Translate and a Magnifier app. The Translate app lets you convert spoken or written words into another language, while the Magnifier app lets you turn your iPhone camera into a magnifying glass to help you read text that may be too small to read comfortably.

By learning how to use these new apps, as well as using the new features of iOS 14, you can get comfortable with using common user interface elements of iPhone apps. Since most apps work in similar ways, the more apps you use, the easier it will be to use your iPhone.

In the last chapter, you learned how to use common finger gestures to control different features of an iPhone. In this chapter, you'll learn the common elements of iOS by experimenting with the latest features of iOS 14:

  • The Magnifier app
  • The Translate app
  • The App Library...

Using the Magnifier app

Many people have a hard time reading text up close. This can be due to farsightedness or trying to read small print in low-lighting conditions. If you ever forget or misplace your reading glasses, you can use the Magnifier app on your iPhone, which appears as shown in Figure 2.1:

Figure 2.1 – The Magnifier app

To start the Magnifier app, you need to use two different gestures: swipe and tap. First, you'll need to use the swipe gestures to scroll through the different Home screens on your iPhone until you find the Magnifier app icon. Once you find the Magnifier app, you can start it by tapping the icon. Once the Magnifier user interface appears, you can point your iPhone camera at text or any item you want to see, as shown in Figure 2.2:

Figure 2.2 – Using the Magnifier app

The Magnifier app consists of buttons and sliders. Tapping an icon performs an action, while swiping the slider...


Using the App Library

While you can move and group related app icons around the Home screen, most people don't do that because it's time-consuming. As a result, it's far more common to store apps all over the Home screen and then have a hard time finding exactly which app you want at any given time.

To reduce this problem, iOS 14 offers an App Library, which appears when you swipe left multiple times on the Home screen. The number of left swipes you need depends on the number of Home screens your iPhone has.

The purpose of the App Library is to organize all your apps automatically into related groups with descriptive purposes, such as Social, Utilities, Productivity & Finance, Travel, and Recently Added. In some cases, an app may appear in more than one category, such as the Translate app appearing in the Recently Added and Information & Reading groups, as shown in Figure 2.22:

Figure 2.22 – The App Library

By scrolling...



Three of the latest features in iOS 14 are the Magnifier app, the Translate app, and the App Library. The Magnifier app can replace reading glasses or magnifying glasses to help you read small print or examine items closely.

The Translate app can help you communicate with someone who may not speak your language. As long as both you and the other person speak and read one of the languages supported by the Translate app (such as German, French, Arabic, Russian, or English), you'll be able to chat and write to each other in the language you're most comfortable writing or speaking.

Finally, use the App Library to help you find an app you want to use. Over time, you gradually add apps faster than you remove them. The end result is that your Home screen winds up getting cluttered with lots of apps that you don't have the time to organize. That's when you can rely on the App Library to organize apps for you automatically or help you find an app by searching...

About the Author
  • Wallace Wang

    Wallace Wang has written dozens of computer books over the years, including Microsoft Office for Dummies and Beginning Programming for Dummies, along with Macintosh and the iPhone books such as macOS Programming for Absolute Beginners, Beginning iPhone Development with Swift 5, Pro iPhone Development with Swift 5, and Beginning ARKit for iPhone and iPad. When he’s not helping people discover the fascinating world of programming, he performs stand-up comedy and appears on two radio shows on KNSJ in San Diego called Notes From the Underground and Laugh-In Your Face Radio. In his free time, Wallace also writes a screenwriting blog called The 15 Minute Movie Method and a blog about the latest cat news on the Internet called Cat Daily News.

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The iPhone Manual - Tips and Hacks
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