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Nowadays, most web services work as RESTFul services. Enterprise systems are shifting towards micro-systems. With a RESTFul service, we usually have client applications operating on various platforms. At present, only one tool is capable of a building a RESTFul web service along with the client's applications using a single code base—an that's Delphi!

In this course, you’ll learn to use the Delphi IDE to construct a complete system. We’ll show you how to create Server, Android, and Windows clients in a fast and efficient way. You’ll learn to code VCL applications and work with embedded SQL databases. You’ll also develop a RESTful application based on DataSnap technology with WebBroker. Finally, you’ll build a complete courier software system using Delphi with a single codebase. This course assumes prior basic knowledge of the Delphi programming language and its IDE, together with basic knowledge of SQL.

All the code files and the related files are uploaded on GitHub at this link: https://github.com/PacktPublishing/RESTful-Services-with-Delphi

Publication date:
January 2020
1 hour 36 minutes

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  • Gordan Paunovic

    Gordan Paunovic is a Delphi developer with extensive experience in software development using suitable technologies. He worked on Trough carrier from small usually Windows utilities to large enterprise systems. He has been with Delphi since the Borland era and Delphi 3.2.

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