Professional Cloud Architect – Google Cloud Certification Guide

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By Konrad Clapa , Brian Gerrard
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  1. Section 1: Introduction to GCP

About this book

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is one of the leading cloud service suites and offers solutions for storage, analytics, big data, machine learning, and application development. It features an array of services that can help organizations to get the best out of their infrastructure. This comprehensive guide covers a variety of topics specific to Google's Professional Cloud Architect official exam syllabus and guides you in using the right methods for effective use of GCP services.

You'll start by exploring GCP, understanding the benefits of becoming a certified architect, and learning how to register for the exam. You'll then delve into the core services that GCP offers such as computing, storage, and security. As you advance, this GCP book will help you get up to speed with methods to scale and automate your cloud infrastructure and delve into containers and services. In the concluding chapters, you'll discover security best practices and even gain insights into designing applications with GCP services and monitoring your infrastructure as a GCP architect.

By the end of this book, you will be well versed in all the topics required to pass Google's Professional Cloud Architect exam and use GCP services effectively.

Publication date:
October 2019

About the Authors

  • Konrad Clapa

    Konrad Clapa is a Certified Google Trainer and lead cloud automation architect working for Atos R&D. He has over 12 years' experience in the IT industry. He holds over 40 IT certification. This includes all 11/11 Google Cloud Platform certifications making him the first in the world to achieve it. He is also listed among 40 individuals who hold Google Cloud Certified Fellow certificate. Sharing knowledge has always been important to him, so he contributes to the community by acting as a leader for a local Google Cloud Developer group and an AWS user group in Poland. Funny fact about Konrad is that he never failed a GCP exam attempt including multiple beta exams that he has taken.

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  • Brian Gerrard

    Brian Gerrard currently works as a DevOps Engineer with Atos. Brian has over 16 years' experience in the IT industry and holds a number of Public and Private Cloud certifications. These include the Google Certified Professional Architect and Google Associate Cloud Engineer certifications which he has held since 2018. In addition to this, Brian is a firm believer in lifelong learning, and you will regularly find him contributing to his local User Groups.

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Latest Reviews

(3 reviews total)
Trattazione completa e ben fatta
Good guide for prepare the exam
The videos are well recorded and filled with good information.

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Professional Cloud Architect –  Google Cloud Certification Guide
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