Mastering Delphi [Video]

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By Muminjon Abduraimov
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  1. Delphi Programming with FireMonkey

About this video

Delphi is a cross-platform Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that supports rapid application development for Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS X, Google Android, iOS, and now Linux. This course will be your guide to building efficient, high-performance applications with Delphi.

The video begins by explaining the fundamentals of Delphi programming. It will teach you how to improve your development skills and GUI programming with FireMonkey. After that, you'll delve into web development with Intraweb and uniGUI. Finally, we'll integrate with cloud services and interact with IoT.

Towards the end, you will learn to integrate your app with various web services and deploy them. By the end of the video, you will be able to build powerful, cross-platform, native apps for Windows and Android with a single code base. You will also have enormous experience with Full Stack Development.

Style and Approach

In this video course, you will learn the most popular parts of the Delphi programming language. After working through this course, you will be capable of easily creating the programs you want. Our goal is to prepare savvy and experienced Delphi developers.

Publication date:
July 2018
4 hours 32 minutes

About the Author

  • Muminjon Abduraimov

    Muminjon Abduraimov is a young ambitious computer programmer. He has been working with the Delphi programming language since 2015. So far, he has done several projects, such as Delphi Examples, which has approximately 10,000 users and an English language course for beginners and intermediate learners. In May 2017, he attended the Google I/O 2017 Extended IUT as a lecturer and got a certificate of appreciation from Inha University in Tashkent. You can subscribe to his channel on YouTube:

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Latest Reviews

(3 reviews total)
best place for ebook shopping
Corso interessante che introduce alla sviluppo Cross Platform in Delphi
Great video about delphi programming. i am learning a lot of new technique. thank

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