Hands-On Artificial Intelligence with Unreal Engine

3.5 (2 reviews total)
By Francesco Sapio
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  1. Section 1: The Unreal Framework

About this book

Learning how to apply artificial intelligence ( AI ) is crucial and can take the fun factor to the next level, whether you're developing a traditional, educational, or any other kind of game. If you want to use AI to extend the life of your games and make them challenging and more interesting, this book is for you.

The book starts by breaking down AI into simple concepts to get a fundamental understanding of it. Using a variety of examples, you will work through actual implementations designed to highlight key concepts and features related to game AI in UE4. You will learn to work through the built-in AI framework in order to build believable characters for every game genre (including RPG, Strategic, Platform, FPS, Simulation, Arcade, and Educational). You will learn to configure the Navigation, Environmental Querying, and Perception systems for your AI agents and couple these with Behavior Trees, all accompanied with practical examples. You will also explore how the engine handles dynamic crowds. In the concluding chapters, you will learn how to profile, visualize, and debug your AI systems to correct the AI logic and increase performance.

By the end of the book, your AI knowledge of the built-in AI system in Unreal will be deep and comprehensive, allowing you to build powerful AI agents within your projects.

Publication date:
April 2019


Section 1: The Unreal Framework

In this section, we are going to explore in depth the built-in Unreal AI Framework. We will start from what are Behavior Trees and Blackboard, and we will proceed in learning about the Navigation System, the Environmental Querying System and the Perception System. Towards the end of this section, we will also understand how Unreal handles large Crowds, and how we can extend (both in Blueprint and C++) our Behavior Trees, by creating custom Tasks, Decorators and Services.

The following chapters will be covered in this section:

About the Author

  • Francesco Sapio

    Francesco Sapio received his Master of Science in Engineering in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics degree from Sapienza University, Rome, Italy, a couple of semesters in advance, graduating with summa cum laude; he is currently a researcher at the same university. He is an Unreal and Unity 3D expert, skilled game designer, and an experienced user of major graphics programs. He helped the development of many games (both educational and commercial). He is also an active writer on the topic of game development. Finally, Francesco loves math, philosophy, logic, and puzzle solving, but most of all, creating video gamesthanks to his passion for game designing and programming.

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Latest Reviews

(2 reviews total)
There are many youtube clip for Unreal AI feature. But this book provide step by step guide that readers are able to catch the actual workflow based on theoritical background. Text is also friendly and digest to read.
too much superficial theory and too little practice

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