Blueprints Visual Scripting for Unreal Engine - Second Edition

4.8 (5 reviews total)
By Marcos Romero , Brenden Sewell
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  1. Section 1: Blueprint Fundamentals

About this book

Blueprints is the visual scripting system in Unreal Engine that enables programmers to create baseline systems and can be extended by designers.

This book helps you explore all the features of the Blueprint Editor and guides you through using Variables, Macros, and Functions. You’ll also learn about object-oriented programming (OOP) and discover the Gameplay Framework. In addition to this, you’ll learn how Blueprint Communication allows one Blueprint to access information from another Blueprint. Later chapters will focus on building a fully functional game using a step-by-step approach. You’ll start with a basic first-person shooter (FPS) template, and each chapter will build on the prototype to create an increasingly complex and robust game experience. You’ll then progress from creating basic shooting mechanics to more complex systems, such as user interface elements and intelligent enemy behavior. The skills you will develop using Blueprints can also be employed in other gaming genres. In the concluding chapters, the book demonstrates how to use arrays, maps, enums, and vector operations. Finally, you’ll learn how to build a basic VR game.

By the end of this book, you’ll have learned how to build a fully functional game and will have the skills required to develop an entertaining experience for your audience.

Publication date:
August 2019


Section 1: Blueprint Fundamentals

This section will explore the basic building blocks of Blueprints. You will gain a solid understanding of how Blueprints work and will be able to start creating your own games.

This section includes the following chapters:

About the Authors

  • Marcos Romero

    Marcos Romero is the author of the Romero Blueprints blog, which is one of the main references on the internet to learn about Blueprints. Epic Games invited Marcos to the Unreal Engine 4 closed beta program to experiment and collaborate with the evolution of the tools. He was also one of the first recipients of Unreal Dev Grants for Education. Marcos is a well-known figure in the Unreal community and, for Epic Games, he wrote the official Blueprints Compendium and Blueprints Instructors' Guide.

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  • Brenden Sewell

    Brenden Sewell is a creative director with a decade of experience leading teams in the development of compelling interactive experiences that entertain, teach, and inspire. Prior to joining E-Line, he explored the intersection of educational practice and industry game development culminating in his work as the principal game designer at the Center for Games and Impact. Here, he specialized in the development of immersive games for STEM education and teacher professional development. Since joining the E-Line team, he has led developments from concept, prototyping, and production, to release on a variety of projects ranging from a brain-training first-person shooter to a construction sandbox exploring the future of digital fabrication.

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Latest Reviews

(5 reviews total)
It will definitely get you started and familiar with the Unreal Engine Graphic User Interface ("GUI"). However, if you are not familiar with 3D modeling or game development GUIs and entry-level computer coding languages, I would not suggest that you start with this book. There are some directives in this book that would require you to have some knowledge about the aforementioned products. Otherwise, you could get lost and frustrated easily. But if you are familiar with the aforementioned products, you could have a prototype framework put together in less than 2 weeks and be familiar with arguably one of the best digital authoring tools on the market!
Because I want to learn this subject.
nessun problema, tutto perfetto

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