Getting Started in Port Scanning Using Nmap and Kali Linux [Video]

By Andrew Mallett
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About this video

Kali Linux is one of the popular tools used for penetration testing, ethical hacking, and network security assessments. This course will help you to explore the techniques of port scanning using Nmap and Kali Linux.

The course starts by introducing you to the course objectives and to Kali Linux and Nmap. Next, you will delve into the concepts of host discovery, creating Nmap host lists in Kali Linux on the way. Moving ahead, you will learn the techniques used to perform scans with Nmap and learn the process of auditing Secure Shell (SSH) security to detect systems that allow password-based authentication. Toward the end, you will learn to use Ansible to secure the threats, ensuring that the fixes are documented are repeatable. Throughout this course, you will use Wireshark to analyze the network activity, which will help you to understand the different nodes of Nmap with ease.

By the end of this course, you will have gained all the essential skills needed to perform cybersecurity audits of your network using Kali Linux and Nmap.

Publication date:
November 2020
2 hours 19 minutes

About the Author
  • Andrew Mallett

    Andrew Mallett has been working professionally with Linux since 1999; much of that time as an Instructor. He now runs his consultancy where he works with and writes about Linux. He is onto his 5th book with Packt and has 65,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel: theurbanpenguin. You can be assured that he masters Linux and is passionate to share his knowledge with you.

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Getting Started in Port Scanning Using Nmap and Kali Linux [Video]
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