End to End GUI development with Qt5

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By Nicholas Sherriff , Guillaume Lazar , Robin Penea and 1 more
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  1. Learn Qt 5

About this video

Qt 5.9 is an application development framework that provides a great user experience and develops full-capability applications with Qt Widgets, QML, and even Qt 3D. This learning path demonstrates the power and flexibility of the Qt framework for desktop application development and shows how you can write an application once and deploy it to multiple operating systems. It will address all the challenges while developing cross-platform applications with the Qt framework.

This course will give you a better understanding of the Qt framework and tools to resolve serious issues such as linking, debugging, and multithreading. It will also upskill you by explaining how to create a to-do-style app and taking you through all the stages in building a successful project. You will build a suite of apps; while developing these apps, you’ll deepen your knowledge of Qt Quick's layout systems, and see Qt 3D and widgets in action. The next project will be in the industrial and agricultural sectors: making sense of sensor data via a monitoring system. Your apps should run seamlessly across devices and operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac, and be cost-effective by integrating with existing web technologies. You take the role of lead developer and prototype a monitoring system. In doing so, you’ll get to know Qt's Bluetooth and HTTP APIs, as well as the Charts and Web Engine UI modules. These projects will help you gain a holistic view of the Qt framework.

Publication date:
November 2018
19 hours 10 minutes

About the Authors

  • Nicholas Sherriff

    Nicholas Sherriff (Nick) spent the majority of his career at a major utility company in the UK, working predominantly on the Microsoft Windows platform with C#, ASP.NET, and SQL Server. While leading the native application development function there, he experimented with C++ before eventually discovering Qt, utilizing it on a major greenfield project serving several thousand users. He currently works for a communications recording software house. At home, Nick enjoys music, video games, and half-hearted calisthenics.

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  • Guillaume Lazar

    Guillaume Lazar is a software engineer living in France, near Paris. He has worked in different companies, from start-ups to multinationals, for the last 10 years. He took the opportunity to observe and learn many team organizations and technologies.

    In 2014, he founded his own software development company at the age of 27. The current hierarchical organization that applies to most companies seems obsolete to him. With his own company, he wants to try a different approach.

    Although he defines himself as a Qt framework lover, he likes to mix different technologies and platforms. He also spends time on game development, machine learning, and electronics, because "things" become "alive".

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  • Robin Penea

    Robin Penea has been working in the software industry for a more than a decade. He worked in start-ups and large companies with many technologies that ranged from embedded software to web development. Armed with this experience, he wrote the Mastering Qt 5 book to spread what he loves the most about the programming craft: proper design and quality code. The teaching bug has bitten him, and he continues to share what he learned online using videos. When he is not tinkering with some new technology, he is either on a wall, rock-climbing, or playing music on his piano. You can reach him via Twitter @synapticrob.

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  • Marco Piccolino

    Marco Piccolino is a consultant, technical trainer and speaker developing Qt apps for businesses and consumers on a daily basis. He is the founder of the QtMob Slack chat, a community of Qt application developers with a focus on mobile, resource sharing and problem solving. Marco's main professional interests include application architecture, test-driven development, speech and language technologies, and everything Qt.

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(1 reviews total)
Your books are really good. I usually don't finish them end to end but each one I've purchased has had three or four chapters that really lets me engage in useful code that I can then turn around tweak and turn into something of my own creation.

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End to End GUI development with Qt5
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