Robin Penea

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Robin Penea has been working in the software industry for a more than a decade. He worked in start-ups and large companies with many technologies that ranged from embedded software to web development. Armed with this experience, he wrote the Mastering Qt 5 book to spread what he loves the most about the programming craft: proper design and quality code. The teaching bug has bitten him, and he continues to share what he learned online using videos. When he is not tinkering with some new technology, he is either on a wall, rock-climbing, or playing music on his piano. You can reach him via Twitter @synapticrob.

Books from Robin Penea

  1. Mastering Qt 5
    RRP $35.99 Save 86%
    Master application development by writing succinct, robust, and reusable code with Qt 5
  2. End to End GUI development with Qt5
    RRP $79.99 Save 94%
    Learn the complete Qt ecosystem and its tools and build UIs for mobile and desktop applications
  3. Mastering Qt 5 - Second Edition
    RRP $31.99 Save 84%
    An In-depth guide updated with the latest version of Qt 5.11 including new features such as Quick Controls and Qt Gamepad