Creative CSS Animations, Transitions and Transforms Course [Updated for 2021] [Video]

By Ahmed Sadek
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  1. CSS 2D Transforms

About this video

With an ever-increasing number of commercial companies having a web presence, the importance of user experience has never been more paramount. Knowing and implementing CSS is thus a key tool in any front-end or web developer’s toolkit.

Starting from scratch, this course will help you master CSS animations, transitions, and transforms.

The course starts with the CSS transition property, which is key to infusing life into any HTML webpage. The course then progresses to teach you how to implement CSS transforms, which is key to performing tasks such as moving elements around the page, scaling and rotating elements, and so on. The course then teaches you about transform functions that we can use in 2D and 3D environments.

The final section of this course is dedicated to CSS Animation Creative Examples. Here, you will learn and implement various text animation effects such as floating, loading, and animated text. You will also create interesting animations such as driving a car and motorbike. Additionally, by implementing the concepts taught earlier in the course, you will also implement a Newton’s Cradle animation.

By the end of this course, you will create over 80 projects of varying complexities and will be equipped with essential CSS tools.

The code files and all the required files are uploaded on GitHub at

Publication date:
February 2021
8 hours 2 minutes

About the Author

  • Ahmed Sadek

    Ahmed Sadek is a senior web developer working as a freelancer for the last 7 years. He has developed hundreds of web projects and helped companies of all sizes in improving their business.

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