Brenden Sewell

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Brenden Sewell is a game designer and creative director with over a decade of experience leading teams in the development of compelling interactive experiences that entertain and inspire. Prior to joining Bossfight Entertainment to work on some upcoming secret projects, he explored the intersection of social impact and entertainment serving as the Creative Director for E-line Media. He has led developments from concept to live support on a variety of games ranging from a brain-training first-person shooter to a construction sandbox exploring the future of digital fabrication.

Books from Brenden Sewell

  1. Blueprints Visual Scripting for Unreal Engine
    RRP $23.99 Save 58%
    Build professional 3D games with Unreal Engine 4's Visual Scripting system
  2. Blueprints Visual Scripting for Unreal Engine - Second Edition
    RRP $47.99 Save 79%
    Develop high-quality interactive games with the power of Unreal Engine's visual scripting language and Blueprints framework
  3. Blueprints Visual Scripting for Unreal Engine 5 - Third Edition
    RRP $43.99 Save 77%
    Explore the faster way to build games using UE5 Blueprints using this practical guide with key images printed in color