SQL Server 2019 Administrator's Guide - Second Edition

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By Marek Chmel , Vladimír Mužný
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  1. Section 1: Provisioning the SQL Server Environment

About this book

SQL Server is one of the most popular relational database management systems developed by Microsoft. This second edition of the SQL Server Administrator's Guide will not only teach you how to administer an enterprise database, but also help you become proficient at managing and keeping the database available, secure, and stable.

You’ll start by learning how to set up your SQL Server and configure new and existing environments for optimal use. The book then takes you through designing aspects and delves into performance tuning by showing you how to use indexes effectively. You’ll understand certain choices that need to be made about backups, implement security policy, and discover how to keep your environment healthy. Tools available for monitoring and managing a SQL Server database, including automating health reviews, performance checks, and much more, will also be discussed in detail. As you advance, the book covers essential topics such as migration, upgrading, and consolidation, along with the techniques that will help you when things go wrong. Once you’ve got to grips with integration with Azure and streamlining big data pipelines, you’ll learn best practices from industry experts for maintaining a highly reliable database solution.

Whether you are an administrator or are looking to get started with database administration, this SQL Server book will help you develop the skills you need to successfully create, design, and deploy database solutions.

Publication date:
September 2020


Section 1: Provisioning the SQL Server Environment

The objective of this section is to walk you through the SQL Server technology stack, its complete installation on different operating systems, and initial post-installation configuration.

This section contains the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1, Setting Up SQL Server 2019
  • Chapter 2, Keeping Your SQL Server Environment Healthy

About the Authors

  • Marek Chmel

    Marek Chmel is a senior cloud solutions architect at Microsoft for data and artificial intelligence, a speaker, and a trainer with more than 15 years' experience. He's a frequent conference speaker, focusing on SQL Server, Azure, and security topics. He has been a Data Platform MVP since 2012. He has earned numerous certifications, including MCSE: Data Management and Analytics, Azure Architect, Data Engineer and Data Scientist Associate, EC Council Certified Ethical Hacker, and several eLearnSecurity certifications. Marek earned his MSc degree in Business and Informatics from Nottingham Trent University. He started his career as a trainer for Microsoft courses and later worked as principal sharepoint administrator and principal database administrator.

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  • Vladimír Mužný

    Vladimír Mužný has been a freelance developer and consultant since 1997. He has been a Data Platform MVP since 2017, and he has earned certifications such as MCSE: Data Management and Analytics and MCT. His first steps with SQL Server were done on version 6.5, and from that time on, he has worked with all following versions of SQL Server. Now Vladimir teaches Microsoft database courses, participates in SQL Server adoption at various companies, and collaborates on projects for production tracking and migrations.

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SQL Server 2019 Administrator's Guide - Second Edition
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