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  • Use Unity assets to create object simulation.
  • Implement simple touch controls in your application.
  • Apply artificial intelligence to achieve player and character interaction.
  • Add scripts for movement, tracking, grasping, and spawning.
  • Create animated walkthroughs, use 360-degree media, and build engaging VR experiences.
  • Deploy your games on multiple VR platforms.

Are you new to virtual reality? Do you want to create exciting interactive VR applications? There's no need to be daunted by the thought of creating interactive VR applications, it's much easier than you think with this hands-on, project-based guide that will take you through VR development essentials for desktop and mobile-based games and applications. Explore the three top platforms—Cardboard VR, Gear VR, and OculusVR —to design immersive experiences from scratch.

You’ll start by understanding the science-fiction roots of virtual reality and then build your first VR experience using Cardboard VR. You'll then delve into user interactions in virtual space for the Google Cardboard then move on to creating a virtual gallery with Gear VR. Then you will learn all about virtual movements, state machines, and spawning while you shoot zombies in the Oculus Rift headset. Next, you'll construct a Carnival Midway, complete with two common games to entertain players.

Along the way, you will explore the best practices for VR development, review game design tips, discuss methods for combating motion sickness and identify alternate uses for VR applications

  • Develop robust, immersive VR experiences that are easy on the eye.
  • Code 3D games and applications using Unity 3D game engine.
  • Learn the basic principles of virtual reality applications
Page Count 250
Course Length 7 hours 30 minutes
ISBN 9781786462985
Date Of Publication 28 Feb 2018


Charles Palmer

Charles Palmer is an associate professor and executive director at Harrisburg University. He oversees the design and development of new and emerging technologies, chairs the undergraduate Interactive Media program, and advises students on applied projects in AR/VR, game development, mobile computing, web design, social media, and gamification. He is also a happy husband, father, award-winning web designer, international speaker, and 3D printing enthusiast.

John Williamson

John Williamson has worked in VR since 1995. As a producer/designer, he has shipped over three dozen games (America’s Army, Hawken, SAW, and Spec Ops) in nearly every genre (RTS, FPS, Arcade, Simulation, Survival Horror) on nearly every platform (iOS, Android, Wii, Playstation, Xbox, web, PC, and VR). He is also an award-winning filmmaker and has taught  game design at DigiPen and Harrisburg University. Now, he works in VR, creating immersive training for a wide range of high-consequence trainers for the US Air Force, Army, and NASA