TypeScript Essentials

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  •  Set up the environment to install the TypeScript compiler and development tools
  • Explore the features of the TypeScript language such as type annotations, interfaces, classes, and modules
  • Examine the JavaScript code that has been generated by the compiler
  • Create modular code that can be reused again and again
  • Develop an interactive web application that can be easily extended
  • Integrate with common JavaScript libraries to ease development
  • Improve performance and reduce network traffic
  • Focus on creating reliable code through test-driven development

Web applications work on a range of different devices, making them one of the most common ways in which users experience the web today. However, while the flexibility of web apps are great for users, for developers creating them with JavaScript, the process can be difficult, requiring more extensive and detailed coding work. TypeScript helps make the development of web apps easier, allowing you to quickly create scalable applications that will reach desktops, tablets, and mobiles. With TypeScript, your code becomes much more manageable and your work much more efficient. Its additional features, such as static typing, facilitate IDE support and further tooling.

This quick and insightful guide will provide you with an easy way into TypeScript. You will discover the features of the TypeScript language and gain hands-on experience in creating a web application with reusable components. You will explore the compiler and learn how to manipulate the resulting output to fit specific needs.

  • Explore the key features of TypeScript to develop web applications of your own
  • Take advantage of the static typing system to improve the web development experience and add stability to your code
  • Discover how to effectively use type annotations, declaration files, and ECMA script integration with lots of code and examples
Page Count 182
Course Length 5 hours 27 minutes
ISBN 9781783985760
Date Of Publication 20 Oct 2014


Christopher Nance

Christopher Nance is an experienced software engineer and has been developing rich web applications for more than 4 years. At KnowledgeLake, he adopted TypeScript to develop a series of reusable components to scale across multiple product offerings and platforms.