Sencha Charts Essentials

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  • Set up and configure Sencha Charts and understand its extensibility capabilities
  • Create interactive HTML5 charts that are portable across the Web and touch/mobile
  • Deliver rich, professional, and engaging visualizations of complex, customized data including financial data, infographics, and so on
  • Understand the basic building blocks and the overall architecture of Sencha Charts
  • Get to grips with SVG and Canvas APIs to draw basic geometrical shapes
  • Create different types of charts, such as cartesian, polar, and spacefilling, in your application using out-of-box charts from Sencha Charts
  • Compare Sencha Charts with other charting libraries/SDKs

Sencha Charts is a new and powerful library used to create rich and beautiful charts for your Sencha Touch and Ext JS applications. With built-in HTML5, Sencha Charts is optimized for performance and fully supportive of gestures and touch devices to make visualizing data effortless.

First, you will get to grips with charting fundamentals using multiple tools and then engage with the Sencha Charts architecture.

You will then learn how to use out-of-the-box charts, and then create your own custom cartesian, polar, and spacefilling charts to visualize your own data.

Finally, you will see how Sencha Charts compares with other charting libraries for all your data expression needs.

  • Rapidly get to grips with the fundamentals and essentials of the Sencha charting library
  • Discover out-of-the-box enterprise visualizations and develop your own custom charts
  • Learn to make your charts work on desktop and touch-sensitive devices
Page Count 214
Course Length 6 hours 25 minutes
ISBN 9781785289767
Date Of Publication 29 May 2015


Ajit Kumar

Ajit Kumar has over 16 years of experience in technology areas ranging from embedded systems to large enterprise applications. He worked with various multinational corporations such as Honeywell, Hughes, Virtusa, and Convergys, before starting his own company—Walking Tree—which specializes in Sencha frameworks.

Ajit has authored books on open source frameworks, including Sencha Touch Cookbook, Sencha Touch Cookbook Second Edition, Sencha MVC Architecture, and ADempiere 3.6 Cookbook, all by Packt Publishing, which he considers his way of thanking the awesome open source community!