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  • Understand what Selenium 3 is and how is has been improved than its predecessor
  • Use different mobile and desktop browser platforms with Selenium 3
  • Perform advanced actions, such as drag-and-drop and action builders on web page
  • Learn to use Java 8 API and Selenium 3 together
  • Explore remote WebDriver and discover how to use it
  • Perform cross browser and distributed testing with Selenium Grid
  • Use Actions API for performing various keyboard and mouse actions

Selenium WebDriver is an open source automation tool implemented through a browser-specific driver, which sends commands to a browser and retrieves results. The latest version of Selenium 3 brings with it a lot of new features that change the way you use and setup Selenium WebDriver. This book covers all those features along with the source code, including a demo website that allows you to work with an HMTL5 application and other examples throughout the book.

Selenium WebDriver 3 Practical Guide will walk you through the various APIs of Selenium WebDriver, which are used in automation tests, followed by a discussion of the various WebDriver implementations available. You will learn to strategize and handle rich web UI using advanced WebDriver API along with real-time challenges faced in WebDriver and solutions to handle them. You will discover different types and domains of testing such as cross-browser testing, load testing, and mobile testing with Selenium. Finally, you will also be introduced to data-driven testing using TestNG to create your own automation framework.

By the end of this book, you will be able to select any web application and automate it the way you want.

  • Unlock the full potential of Selenium to test your web applications
  • Use Selenium Grid for faster, parallel running, and cross-browser testing
  • Test iOS and Android Apps with Appium
Page Count 280
Course Length 8 hours 24 minutes
ISBN 9781788999762
Date Of Publication 29 Jul 2018


Unmesh Gundecha

Unmesh Gundecha has over 16 years, experience in Agile software development, test automation, and DevOps methodologies. He is an Agile, open source, and DevOps evangelist with extensive experience in a diverse set of tools and technologies. He has extensive hands-on experience in building sustainable and repeatable test automation solutions for web and mobile platforms, APIs, and CLI apps with continuous integration and delivery pipelines, using best-of-breed open source and commercial tools to do so. He is the author of Selenium Testing Tools Cookbook and Learning Selenium Testing Tools with Python, both by Packt Publishing.