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  • Familiarize yourself with the concepts of CSS and the SASS pre-processor
  • Get familiar with selectors to build better CSS code
  • Gain knowledge on the common issues with CSS and discover the solutions
  • Write scalable code using various CSS methodologies and optimization techniques
  • Create a simple and reusable framework based on SASS
  • Explore the various tools involved in CSS code creation

CSS is the preferred technology to design modern web pages. Although CSS is often perceived as a simple language, applying modern styles to web pages with CSS and maintaining the code for larger websites can be quite tricky.

We will take you right from understanding CSS to designing high-quality web pages in CSS3. We'll quickly take you through CSS3's features, and show you how to resolve common issues so you can build your basic framework. Finally, you will learn about code architecture and CSS methodologies used in scalable apps and you'll explore the various new features of CSS3, such as FlexBox, to help you create the most modern layout methodologies. By the end of the book, you will be a master at creating pure CSS web pages and will know sophisticated web design techniques, giving you an edge over other web designers.

  • Explore the CSS files structures, add the right methodologies, and get a final product without any code chaos
  • Make your websites faster, more responsive, and more efficient using the minimum CSS code
  • Design better and more modern websites using the new features of CSS3
Page Count 362
Course Length 10 hours 51 minutes
ISBN 9781785880940
Date Of Publication 30 May 2016


Piotr Sikora

Piotr Sikora is lead frontend developer at Nitro Digital, based in Kielce, Poland. He started working on web projects when he was in high school. Over the years, he has been a Flash developer, project manager, and team supervisor. He loves digital projects and dealing with all things digital.

Piotr is a b-boy (break dancer) and has learned a lot of artistic stuff from dance. He teaches dance in his free time.