Practical Web Development

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  • Find out how HTML lays the foundation of web development
  • Learn the fundamentals of web design using CSS
  • Harness JavaScript to bring websites to life
  • Use PHP and MySQL to dynamically generate HTML on the server
  • Learn how to write compact code with jQuery
  • Create efficient single page applications with Ajax
  • Discover JSON for a powerful data exchange between client and server
  • Design Mobile first, responsive pages that look great on mobiles, tablets, and desktops
  • Create and migrate powerful and scalable web applications with Node.js

Web development has grown to become vital in shaping how humans interact, work, learn, and consume. Practical Web Development provides you with a roadmap of web development today, giving you the tools you need and the guidance to keep you creative and productive in a world of disruption and innovation.

Beginning with the structure of the Web and the principles of building basic websites with HTML, you will learn about CSS, JavaScript, and PHP, before taking a closer look at some of the leading technologies used to build the modern Web. You will integrate jQuery, Ajax, and JSON into your projects before moving on to the latest tools and techniques in responsive web design, including Zurb Foundation or Bootstrap, to help you meet the challenges of developing for multiple devices, and explore how Node.js offers a powerful solution to server-side application development. This book is for anyone that wants to get to grips with the broader picture of web development today.

  • Explore how the web is built from its foundations – learn everything from basic HTML through to JavaScript, PHP and beyond
  • Discover the latest trends in modern web development and develop an understanding of a wide range of tools including jQuery, MongoDB and Node.JS
  • Meet the challenges of a multi-platform world with effective responsive web design
Page Count 276
Course Length 8 hours 16 minutes
ISBN 9781782175919
Date Of Publication 29 Jul 2015


Paul Wellens

Paul Wellens has been a senior product manager for a major computer company in the Los Angeles area and Silicon Valley for over two decades. Before that, he used to install Unix systems and train companies in Europe, from his native Belgium. Later in his career, he became a web development aficionado because it brought him back to another passion of his: programming.

This is not his first book. His prior publication is of a different nature. Nature is what it is all about as it is a guidebook on Eastern California, which is illustrated with his own photographs. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise to learn that, besides experimenting with new web technologies, his major hobbies are photography and hiking in the Eastern Sierra.