PHP jQuery Cookbook

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  • Start from the basics and learn pro-level tricks by the end of the book
  • Create interactive and dynamic hierarchical menus
  • Apply eye-catching effects on form elements
  • Integrate a database along with PHP and jQuery
  • Use AJAX to enhance user experience and page interaction
  • Learn how to work with JSON and XML for efficient data exchange
  • Create tools and utilities for your web applications
  • Master form validation on client side as well as server side

As web technology evolves, the gap between desktop applications and web applications continues to vanish. And what better way to bridge that gap, for your own website, than using the best two open source technologies in the market: PHP and jQuery. The power-combo of these two is leading the way in revolutionizing the RIA world. Although they are easy to integrate, finding or figuring out how to do what you want to do is rather arduous.

The PHP jQuery Cookbook will be your handy guide with walkthroughs of common integration tasks and problems that will help you master the possibilities available using the PHP and jQuery combo. You will learn quick solutions to necessary tasks to integrate the power of two of the best known and most widely used web technologies of today – PHP on the server side and jQuery on the client side. Glide through the basics and move to advanced topics to create dynamic and interactive web applications with this book in hand.

This book covers a wide array of technical aspects of creating an interactive website. Apart from basics of PHP and jQuery, you will go through advanced topics like creating plugins, validating controls, and useful utilities that you will be able to use as stand-alone tools. AJAX, the key technique of browser-server communication is covered in detail. You will also learn to use JSON, which is becoming preferred as a mode of data interchange over XML, both in web applications and web services.

The book also covers database interaction, which is an important part of any dynamic web application. You will also gain expertise in debugging JavaScript with the help of useful tools that will save you hours of tedious manual debugging.

Most importantly, by using jQuery and PHP together, you will be able to develop applications that are compatible with all major browsers, with no need to write code targeted at specific browsers!

  • Create rich and interactive web applications with PHP and jQuery
  • Debug and execute jQuery code on a live site
  • Design interactive forms and menus
  • Another title in the Packt Cookbook range, which will help you get to grips with PHP as well as jQuery
Page Count 332
Course Length 9 hours 57 minutes
ISBN 9781849512749
Date Of Publication 14 Dec 2010


Vijay Joshi

Vijay Joshi is a web developer who lives in New Delhi, India, with his wife and daughter. Coming from a small town named Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand, in the Himalayas, he fell in love with coding while in college. He has also loved PHP and JavaScript/jQuery since his early coding days. Vijay believes that if you are passionate and enjoy your work, it becomes more of a hobby that is not boring and it never feels like a job. After freelancing for a few years, he founded a web development firm called Developers Lab along with two of his friends in New Delhi, where they build products for the travel industry and create custom web applications. Vijay is also the author of PHP jQuery Cookbook, Packt Publishing, and the technical reviewer of PHP AJAX Cookbook and jQuery UI 1.8: The User Interface Library for jQuery. When not coding, he likes to read, spend time with his family, blog occasionally at, and dream about getting back in shape.