Mobile Web Development

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  • Build a mobile-friendly front end for your site – learn XHTML Mobile Profile (XHTML MP) and Wireless CSS (WCSS), the CSS subset supported by mobile devices; target the full range of mobile browsers; adapt automatically to the capabilities of the device.
  • Write interactive mobile applications – present and process mobile forms with different input types; support keypad navigation; get started with Mobile Ajax and JavaScript.
  • Accept payments online via mobile web and SMS using Paypal, SMS short codes, and more.
  • Integrate your application with SMS and MMS messages – enable users to send SMS and MMS messages to your site, process them, and send SMS and MMS messages back to your users too; set up your own SMS gateway, or choose an existing gateway provider; include slideshows, movies, and sounds.
  • Handle voice calls – respond to voice input, create touchtone services, play pre-recorded voice or use text-to-speech to provide voice-based software.
  • Future-proof your application – understand the basics of iPhone development, the Android platform, and the implications of other developments in the mobile space.

As more users access the Web from their phones and other handhelds, web developers need to learn techniques for targeting these new devices. Sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google target mobiles with their services and products. Companies use mobile services to provide staff access to their applications while away from a computer.

This book is a complete, practical guide to writing mobile websites and applications. You will learn how to create mobile-friendly websites, adapt your content to the capabilities of different devices, save bandwidth with compression, and create server-side logic that integrates with a mobile front end. You will also see other methods for integrating your web application with mobile technology: sending and receiving MMS and SMS messages, accepting mobile payments, and working with voice calls to provide spoken interaction.

The book illustrates every technique with practical examples, showing how to use these development methods in the real world. Along the way we show how an example pizza delivery business can use these methods to open up to the mobile web.
Whether you want to provide customers and users of your public website with new ways to access your services, or build applications so that staff can stay up to date while on the road, this book will show you all you need to build a powerful mobile presence.

Technologies and tools covered in the book

PHP, JavaScript, AJAX, XHTML Mobile Profile (XHTML MP), Wireless CSS, WAP 2.0, Tera WURFL, MyMobileWeb, Mobile Web Toolkit, Image Server, GAIA Image Transcoder, HAWHAW ,, Nokia's Mobile Internet Toolkit , SMIL, Voxeo's Prophecy server, VoiceXML (VXML), grXML, Frost library,  WALL, WURFL, SMS, MMS, mobile payment gateways, mobile widgets, Mobile AJAX, Android, Google Gears, and Dojo Offline.

  • Build mobile-friendly sites and applications
  • Adapt presentation to different devices
  • Build mobile front ends to server-side applications
  • Use SMS and MMS and take mobile payments
  • Make applications respond to voice and touchtone commands
  • Learn XHTML MP, WCSS, adaptation, best practices, and mobile AJAX
Page Count 236
Course Length 7 hours 4 minutes
ISBN 9781847193438
Date Of Publication 6 Feb 2008


Nirav Mehta

Nirav Mehta is renowned for his entrepreneurial ventures, his breakthrough ideas, and his contribution to open source. Nirav leads a software development company – Magnet Technologies – from India that specializes in Rich Internet Applications, Web, and Mobile. Nirav believes in simplifying the most complicated ideas and presenting them in lucid language.

Over the last ten years, Nirav has written and spoken on a variety of topics. He has also been instrumental in localization efforts in India and training programmers to be effective developers.

He has set up a website completely dedicated to the book. You can find more information on it here: