Mastering React

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  • Understand the React component lifecycle and core concepts such as props and states
  • Craft forms and implement form validation patterns using React
  • Explore the anatomy of a modern single-page web application
  • Develop an approach for choosing and combining web technologies without being paralyzed by the options available
  • Create a complete single-page application
  • Start coding with a plan using an application design process
  • Add to your arsenal of prototyping techniques and tools
  • Make your React application feel great using animations

React stands out in the web framework crowd through its approach to composition. This approach yields blazingly fast rendering capabilities. This book will help you understand what makes React special. It starts with the fundamentals and uses a pragmatic approach, focusing on clear development goals. You'll learn how to combine many web technologies surrounding React into a complete set for constructing a modern web application.

With this text, you'll blitz the basics then swiftly move on to advanced topics such as form validation and complete application construction. You'll also explore several design activities which will help you develop your web applications with a thoughtful plan. Finally, you'll learn several methods for implementing slick animations using React.

  • Write a complete application in React using an array of supporting libraries, both specifically React-related and general purpose
  • Understand what makes React stand apart from the vast majority of JS frameworks available through detailed explanations and concise examples
  • Explore the React ecosystem and how to integrate React with other modern web technologies
Page Count 254
Course Length 7 hours 37 minutes
ISBN 9781783558568
Date Of Publication 23 Feb 2016


Adam Horton

Adam Horton is an avid retro gamer as well as a creator, destroyer, and rebuilder of all things web, computing, and gaming. He started his career as a firmware developer for the high-end Superdome server division at Hewlett Packard. There, the JavaScript and C he wrought directed the power, cooling, health, and configuration of those behemoth devices. Since, he has been a web developer for PayPal, utilizing cross-domain JavaScript techniques with an emphasis on user identity. Lately, at ESO Solutions, he’s a lead JavaScript developer for next-generation pre-hospital electronic health record (EHR) field collection applications. Adam believes in an inclusive, ubiquitous, and open web. He values pragmatism and practice over dogma in the design and implementation of computing applications and education. I’d like to thank my wife for her enduring patience and support. She is the wind at my back that presses forward all of my endeavors, including this book. I’d also like to thank my parents for constantly fueling a stray rocket of a child while he tuned his guidance system.

Ryan Vice

Ryan is the Founder and Chief Architect of Vice Software which specializes in practical, tailored solutions for clients whether they are looking to get their MVP to market or modernize existing applications. On top of offering more competitive prices across the board, Vice Software offers skill based pricing which means you only pay architect rates when needed and pay much lower production rates for simpler feature work. Ryan has also been awarded Microsoft’s MVP award 3 times, has published one other book on software architecture and frequently speaks at conferences and events in Texas. Addiontally, Ryan is lucky enough to be married to his wife, Heather and spends most of his free time trying to keep up with their three kids, Grace, Dylan and Noah..