Mastering jQuery Mobile

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  • Create a theme for your jQuery Mobile application by using the ThemeRoller tool
  • Test your application on a variety of resolutions through Screenfly
  • Master pages, panels, popups, toolbars, and navbars in jQuery Mobile
  • Understand how mobile web design best practices can enhance your mobile web application
  • Allow your users to navigate pages with a swipe gesture and add transitions and effects to the page changes
  • Discover how to create jQuery Mobile widgets that will extend the framework to suit your needs
  • See how Apache Cordova can turn your web application into a native Android or iOS app
  • Use jQuery Mobile with other popular JavaScript frameworks and technologies such as Backbone.js and Node.js

jQuery Mobile is a touch-optimized JavaScript framework. Using this framework, we can create mobile web applications using standard web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript which will function and behave consistently across multiple devices of different form factors.

The book starts with you setting up the development environment that will enable you to complete the project that accompanies the book. Furthermore, you will get a brief overview of developing for mobile devices and a brief look at RESS. You will then start putting together a touch-based navigation system as you link pages together and explore the various widgets and controls used to build the project. Finally, some mobile best practices that will benefit you will be looked at as you go deeper into jQuery Mobile development. By the end of the book, you will be well equipped with an extensive knowledge of jQuery Mobile, not only to build applications, but to effectively customize and maintain them.

  • Create spectacular mobile applications using jQuery Mobile to its fullest potential
  • Build a complete and customizable professional, standard theme using advanced effects such as ChangePage, PageInit, and Swipe
  • Take your web app to the next level by turning your native application with Apache Cordova
Page Count 262
Course Length 7 hours 51 minutes
ISBN 9781783559084
Date Of Publication 29 Jul 2015


Chip Lambert

Chip Lambert has been developing websites and web applications for almost 20 years. He has authored two other books for Packt Publishing: Instant RESS Implementation How-To and Mastering jQuery Mobile. He is currently a software engineer for Jenzabar Inc. and an online instructor for Bluefield College, teaching courses in web and mobile application development.

Shreerang Patwardhan

Shreerang Patwardhan completed his bachelor's degree in computer engineering, and since then, he has been working on various technologies for the last 4.5 years. He started off by working for a small start-up in Pune, India, on an innovative solar-powered Linux-based handheld device. He has also worked extensively on Google Maps API v3 and worked in the GIS domain for more than a year. He is also one of the technical reviewers for Google Maps JavaScript API Cookbook, published by Packt Publishing.

Shreerang is currently employed at a MNC in the San Francisco Bay Area, USA, as a technical consultant and is working on the frontend development of various web applications using different cutting-edge frontend technologies. He is also a certified Scrum Master and absolutely loves and encourages the Agile methodology.

When not working on a project, he blogs about either the Google Maps API v3 or the jQuery Mobile framework on his blog, Spatial Unlimited. When not working or blogging, Shreerang loves spending time with his family and friends and absolutely enjoys sweating it out on the badminton court. He has been playing badminton for the last 20 years and also takes a keen interest in UFOlogy.

You can reach him on his blog, contact him on LinkedIn, or follow him on Twitter (@shreerangp).