Mastering JavaScript Design Patterns - Third Edition

Tomás Corral Casas
August 2019

439 pages

13 hours 10 minutes

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Solve challenging real-world problems by mastering design patterns and cutting-programming techniques using JavaScript on client-side and server-side scripting.

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More Information
  • Understand classic and advance design patterns using JavaScript.
  • Get introduced to the latest version of JavaScript ES8 and learn about ES2018 new features.
  • Discover how to create less coupled architectures using design patterns.
  • Create micro-services using Node.js and learn how to code asynchronously so the thread is never blocked.
  • Use best practices to design and implement enterprise applications.
  • Learn about the different programming paradigms like object-oriented programming and functional programming.
  • Master the powerful classic design patterns like structural and creational patterns.
  • Discover the more advanced JavaScript Design Patterns like Performance patterns and Asynchronous patterns.

During the recent past, JavaScript has been gaining popularity and both companies and programmers have decided to make JavaScript their main programming language using it in the client-side but also on the server-side. The main problem companies are currently facing is getting developers with the skills and knowledge to develop robust and scalable applications.

This book is a complete guide in which you will learn to recognize and use all types of classical and advanced patterns such as those exclusive to JavaScript. The book will start by explaining to you what different types of programming paradigms are like Functional programming, Object Oriented programming and Reactive programming which are being introduced with the advent of ES 8. You will then be introduced to the Classical Design patterns that are present like Structural patterns, Behavioral patterns and Creational patterns. You will then deep dive into the widely used JavaScript patterns like Performance Patterns and Asynchronous patterns. The book will also talk about Applications patterns like micro-services and web patterns. By the end of this book, you will have mastered how to recognize and implement the right design pattern at all times in both client and server and will be able to use that knowledge to quickly and efficiently build complex, highly scalable systems.

  • Learn how to use tried and true software design methodologies to enhance your JavaScript code.
  • Discover robust JavaScript implementations of classic and advanced design patterns using the latest ES 8 features. 
  • Be it creational, structural, behavioural or programming methodology based patterns, your solution to all JavaScript coding solutions at one place.
Page Count 439
Course Length 13 hours 10 minutes
ISBN 9781788627580
Date Of Publication 25 Aug 2019


Tomás Corral Casas

Tomas Corral is a Frontend Software Engineer and Architect at Blue Harvest and is known for creating and collaborating with open source projects, as well as talking about the latest JavaScript practices. Since he started in 2000 as a Java developer he has tried to use everything he learned to improve the productivity of the teams he has worked on.

His work history includes companies such as Backbase, Softonic, NTR Global which are high concurrency websites with high performance level requirements and although he is originally from Barcelona, Spain, the last few years Tomas has been training people around the world and creating Open Source projects and collaborating with others like JSTestDriver, Sinon.js, Buster.js, PDF.js, Jasmine.js, jQuery, Selenium Builder or Require.js