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Magento Search Engine Optimization

Robert Kent

You’ve built a great online store and all you need now are customers. This is where this invaluable tutorial comes in. Specifically written for Magento users, it uncovers the deep secrets of successful Search Engine Optimization.
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Book Details

ISBN 139781783288571
Paperback132 pages

About This Book

  • Optimize your store for search engines in other countries and languages
  • Enhance your product and category pages
  • Resolve common SEO issues within Magento

Who This Book Is For

This book is aimed at both Magento developers and SEO specialists who wish to optimize search and end user elements such as click-through rates to ensure the design of their online shop sites effectively maximize sales. Magento store owners may also find large sections of this book useful in order to understand the larger impact small tweaks and changes can have on SEO - especially when editing products and categories. This book assumes that the reader will understand the basic concepts of keyword research and the external factors that are required in order to manage an on-going SEO campaign.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Preparing and Configuring Your Magento Website
Focusing on your keywords
The role of the home page
Structuring our categories for better optimization
Optimizing our CMS pages
Optimizing our titles, content, and meta information
Adjusting our Magento configuration for SEO
Default <head> settings
XML sitemap
Google Analytics
Chapter 2: Product and Category Page Optimization
Optimizing titles and descriptions for the SERPs
Optimizing our URL keys
Layout and content considerations
Optimizing images and selling your product
Implementing schema (rich snippets)
Implementing social sharing for products
Chapter 3: Managing Internationalization and Multiple Languages
Choosing the right domain structure for multiregional websites
Store-specific configuration
Avoiding duplicate content when translating pages
Chapter 4: Template/Design Adjustments for SEO and CRO
Organizing our heading structure
Integrating the breadcrumb and organization schema
Adding rel=next/prev to our category pagination
Adding reviews directly onto our product pages
Removing unwanted blocks from the checkout
Chapter 5: Speeding Up Your Magento Website
SEO benefits of a fast Magento website
Magento configuration settings to increase speed
.htaccess modifications
Server-side performance and scalability
Online tools to test performance
Chapter 6: Analyzing and Tracking Your Visitors
An overview of e-commerce analytics reports
Understanding Multi-Channel Funnels
Adding events to track phone number clicks
Universal Analytics
Implementing and analyzing content experiments
Chapter 7: Technical Rewrites for Search Engines
Additional .htaccess modifications
Improving our robots.txt file
Resolving layered-navigation duplicate content
Chapter 8: Purpose-built Magento Extensions for SEO/CRO
Installing extensions
Popular SEO-specific Magento extensions
Extensions to help improve CRO
Noteworthy extension developers

What You Will Learn

  • Adjust the default Magento configuration to benefit SEO
  • Understand which of Magento’s many pages is best to optimize for certain types of phrases
  • Analyze and track your customers through Google Analytics
  • Improve optimization through the use of third-party SEO- and CRO-related Magento extensions
  • Remedy duplicate-content-related problems through both simple configuration and more advanced 301 redirecting techniques
  • Implement sematic mark-up such as breadcrumbs, reviews, and product schema to better represent your pages in search engines
  • Speed up the Magento framework through cache management systems and server compression methods
  • Adapt the default Magento templates to improve user experience

In Detail

Magento is a feature-rich, professional, open source e-commerce application that offers merchants complete flexibility and control over the look, content, and functionality of their online store. You may have the most attractive Magento store on the Internet with the most competitive prices, but without visitors, you’ll struggle to make significant sales. By increasing your website traffic through SEO and implementing a few simple conversion rate optimization techniques, it’s possible to see a dramatic growth in revenue through your website.

Starting with the basics, Magento Search Engine Optimization is a comprehensive guide on how to better optimize your Magento store for search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This book will show you how to maximize Search Engine Optimization for your shop website as well as how to implement and incorporate SEO-enhancing techniques and features, layering them progressively into your Magento shop site.

With this example-oriented guide, you will become acquainted with a lot of the SEO-related features that Magento is equipped with and how to enable these and configure them correctly. You’ll learn which types of pages are most appropriate for optimizing various types of keywords, leaving you well equipped for the on-going management and optimization of your Magento store.

You’ll also learn how to implement best practices when optimizing all the different elements on category and product pages such as titles, descriptions, and headings. This book also contains information on important SEO topics such as multi-regional store implementations, improving page loading speeds, and tracking your customers through Google Analytics. You will be able to add semantic mark-up to your pages and implement technical URL rewriting to avoid common duplicate content problems. There’s also a whole chapter dedicated to some of the best SEO-related Magento extensions. By the end of this book, you will be armed with optimization techniques that will help you generate more sales.


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