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  • Integrate Less into your projects to boost efficiency
  • Spend less time debugging
  • Compile Less code into readable and maintainable CSS
  • Write reusable and portable code and avoid duplication
  • Make use of prebuilt and proven code
  • Reduce the development and maintenance time of your projects
  • Set up a development environment with Grunt

Less is a dynamic style sheet language to help you make your CSS code more maintainable, readable, and reusable. It provides impressive features to enhance your web development skills with complex code techniques necessary for responsive websites.

This book contains more than 110 practical recipes to help you develop efficient projects through CSS extensions including variables, mixins, and functions. Optimize your projects by debugging code to create style guides, build responsive grids, and integrate Less into your WordPress development workflow.

This book includes Less v2 code and covers powerful tools such as Bootstrap and a wide-range of additional prebuilt mixin libraries, allowing you to set up a powerful development environment with Node.js and Grunt.

  • Create and customize your website effectively and easily with Less Version 2
  • Develop more efficient code, and decrease your investment in debugging complex code
  • With implementation of the latest version Less.js V2, leverage Less separately from its node and browser and employ many other improvements, such as plugin support.
  • Discover the dynamism of Less and manage your projects with efficiency and accuracy
Page Count 394
Course Length 11 hours 49 minutes
ISBN 9781783981489
Date Of Publication 31 Jan 2015


Bass Jobsen

Bass Jobsen has been programming the web since 1995, ranging from C to PHP. He has a special interest in the processes between designer and programmer. He works on the accessibility of Bootstrap and his JBST WordPress starters theme. With over 5 years of experience with Bootstrap, Bass has been actively contributing to the community with his blogs and Git repos.

Amin Meyghani

Amin Meyghani is a designer and developer currently working at HD MADE (, making automation tools, websites, and apps. He is also a lead developer at Flitti (, leading the team to make next-generation gamification apps. In addition to arts and technology, Amin has always been passionate about teaching. He takes advantage of every opportunity to share his knowledge with the world through books, blogs, or videos. You can find his works and blogs at When Amin is not coding, he is either enjoying Persian food or mastering his Persian calligraphy techniques.