Learning Drupal 8

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  • Set up a local “stack” development environment and install your first Drupal 8 site
  • Find out what is available in Drupal 8 core
  • Define content types and taxonomies—and find out when you should do so
  • Use the powerful Views module
  • Get hands-on with image and media handling
  • Extend Drupal using custom community modules
  • Develop the look and feel of your website using Drupal themes
  • Manage site users and permissions

Drupal 8 sets a new standard for ease of use, while offering countless new ways to tailor and deploy your content to the Web. Drupal 8 allows user to easily customize data structures, listings, and pages, and take advantage of new capabilities for displaying data on mobile devices, building APIs, and adapting to multilingual needs.

The book takes you step by step through building a Drupal 8 website. Start with the basics, such as setting up a local “stack” development environment and installing your first Drupal 8 site, then move on to image and media handling, and extending Drupal modules. Push your knowledge by getting to grips with the modular nature of Drupal, and learning to extend it by adding new functionalities to create your new modules. By the end of the book, you will be able to develop and manage a modern and responsive website using Drupal.

  • Build complete, complex websites with no prior knowledge of web development entirely using the intuitive Drupal user interface
  • Follow a practical case study chapter-by-chapter to construct a complete website as you progress
  • Ensure your sites are modern, responsive and mobile-friendly through utilizing the full features available in Drupal 8
Page Count 328
Course Length 9 hours 50 minutes
ISBN 9781782168751
Date Of Publication 30 Jan 2016


Richard Jones

Richard Jones is the Technical Director and co-founder of iKOS (now part of the Inviqa group)—a European digital agency specializing in Drupal. Richard's first computer was an 8-bit BBC Master and this began his journey into computing proper. Indeed, his first introduction to working with Nick was by way of a school database project using the then legendary Acorn ViewStore package—way ahead of its time as an EPROM-based offering. He graduated with a first class degree in mechanical engineering in 1996 and has been working with various web technologies ever since.


They have both worked exclusively with Drupal on all their projects for 7 years. Richard and Nick have been collaborating on projects since the mid-1990s and have a great balance of skills between them that mean the first draft of collaborative work will have already been through many critical rewrites.


They both live in the Drupal ecosystem on a daily basis and Getting Started with Drupal Commerce—the first title they worked on with Packt Publishing—was well received.

Nick Abbott

Nick Abbott is the head of training at iKOS. Nick started his digital life in 1981 working on an ICL 2904 mainframe, a Commodore PET, and a Commodore VIC20. After the ritual stint in BASIC, he moved on to writing games in Z80 and 6502 assemblers, hardware interfacing, and many happy hours creating business solutions with the BBC Micro based around the Acorn View family. Old but not obsolete. He graduated with a first class degree in applied physics in the late 1980s, and he worked in IT and education right up until he joined iKOS in 2008.