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Drupal 7 Media

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  • Set up a custom WYSIWYG profile and text format
  • Learn to manage and embed images in content, and create image galleries and albums
  • Manage and embed videos and audio playlists
  • Set up HTML5-based video and audio players and integrate with JavaScript libraries for native browser support
  • Enhance images with visual effects, and media content with multiple upload widgets, social ratings, watermark effects, and other community-contributed modules
  • Create an HTML5-based canvas drawing application
  • Build a responsive web design layout and semantic website with HTML5 and modern themes

Integrating images, video, and audio content on a Drupal site requires knowledge of appropriate community modules, and an understanding of how to configure and connect them properly. With the power of up-to-date technologies such as HTML5, responsive web design, and the best modules available in Drupal's eco-system, we can create the best Drupal 7 media website.

Drupal 7 Media is a practical, hands-on guide that will introduce you to the basic structure of a Drupal site and guide you through the integration of images, videos, and audio content. Learn to leverage the most suitable community modules and up-to-date technology such as HTML5 to offer a great user experience through rich media content.

The book begins with a practical introduction to the basic Drupal building blocks. It then breaks down each media resource, and explores them in detail.

You will learn how to leverage Drupal’s community modules to implement support for images, videos, and audio content, along with the best practices for implementation. We will be mentioning ideas throughout the book, which you can extend upon and use to build your own web applications. We will explore HTML5 support for media resources, the semantic web, and responsive web design, which are key topics in modern web application development. We will then build upon this knowledge and add more functionality to our sample website, such as support for analytic charts and customizing images, all of which we will implement using our own custom modules.

You will learn everything you need to know about building, extending, and configuring a Drupal 7 media web application.

  • Leverage the best Drupal community modules for media integration
  • Extend media resources such as image styles, slideshows, galleries, and media management to enrich the user experience
  • Learn how to use HTML5 for responsive web design and semantic websites, and implement a better cross-compatible web application
Page Count 260
Course Length 7 hours 48 minutes
ISBN 9781849516082
Date Of Publication 25 Jul 2013


Liran Tal

Liran Tal is a leading software developer, an expert Linux engineer, and an avid supporter of the open source movement. In 2007, he redefined the network RADIUS management by establishing daloRADIUS, a world-recognized and industry-leading open source project. Liran currently works at HP Software, leading the development team on a Drupal-based collaboration platform in HP's Live Network R&D group. At HPLN, Liran plays a key role in system architecture design, shaping the technology strategy from planning and development to deployment and maintenance in HP's IaaS cloud. Acting as the technological focal point, he loves mentoring his team mates, providing a drive for better code methodology and seekout innovative solutions to support business strategies. He graduated cum laude in his Bachelor of Business and Information Systems Analysis studies and enjoys spending time with his beloved wife and soul mate Tal, playing his guitar, hacking all things Linux, and continuously experimenting and contributing to open source projects.