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Drupal 6 Search Engine Optimization

Ben Finklea

Rank high in search engines with professional SEO tips, modules, and best practices for Drupal web sites
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Book Details

ISBN 139781847198228
Paperback280 pages

About This Book

  • Concise, actionable steps for increasing traffic to your Drupal site
  • Learn which modules to install and how to configure them for maximum SEO results
  • Create search engine friendly and optimized title tags, paths, sitemaps, headings, navigation, and more
  • A practical, step-by-step guide that takes the mystery out of Drupal SEO

Who This Book Is For

This book is written for Drupal site owners and those who create Drupal sites including themers, developers, programmers, and consultants. A basic understanding of Drupal will be helpful: what a node is, how to create nodes, how to log in to the admin sections of your Drupal site, and how to properly install and enable a module. No knowledge of SEO will be assumed but a basic knowledge of search engines is expected.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Tools You'll Need
Drupal 6
Drupal SEO Checklist module
Google Account
Google Webmaster Tools
Understanding search engine crawlers
Paid tools
Other Great Tools
Chapter 2: Keyword Research
What a keyword is
Why keyword research is important
What your keyword goal is
Keyword research tools
How to pick the best keywords
Chapter 3: On-Page Optimization
Page titles
Make Drupal URLs clean and search engine optimized
Chapter 4: More On-Page Optimization
Drupal menus and navigation
Optimize images, video, and other media
Meta tags
Chapter 5: Sitemaps
XML sitemaps
Specifying the XML sitemap priority for nodes
Submitting your XML sitemap to Google
Google News XML Sitemap
URL list
Visitor-facing sitemaps
Chapter 6: robots.txt, .htaccess, and W3C Validation
Optimizing the robots.txt file
Mastering the .htaccess file
W3C markup validation
Chapter 7: RSS Feeds, Site Speed, and SEO Testing
Setting up RSS feeds
Feel the need—the need for speed
Bringing it all together with a free page grading service from SEOmoz
Chapter 8: Content is King
What good content is
Write right
Search engine optimizing content
What to write about
Using Drupal to organize your content
Removing content
Chapter 9: Taking Control of Your Content
Using OpenCalais to tag and organize your content
Keeping content compliant with the HTML Purifier module
Preventing spam
Chapter 10: Increasing the Conversion Rate of Your Drupal Web site
What do you want them to do
Path to conversion
Strong calls to action
Analytics to watch
Finding conversion problems with usability testing
Reporting the results
A/B testing with Google Website Optimizer

What You Will Learn

Working through this book you will:

  • Explore 10 SEO mistakes you must avoid to achieve top ranking and increase traffic on your site
  • Get to grips with all the Drupal modules that are essential for SEO and may help your site rank well
  • Create page titles and paths that search engines (and users) will love
  • Learn about the 3 critical SEO problems that plague most Drupal sites and how to fix them
  • Optimize video, images, and other media in your Drupal site so that search engine spiders can read their content
  • Write content that users and the search engines will love and fix problems with duplicate content, robots.txt files, and .htaccess
  • Set up systems in Drupal to automatically tag and organize your content
  • Maximize the value of RSS, site speed, and Page rank in your Drupal site
  • Implement usability testing, A/B testing, and conversions best practices to turn visits into revenue for your business
  • Keep your site on a path of constant and never-ending improvement

In Detail

The earlier a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine. Despite several advantages, many Drupal sites suffer with poor search engine standings. Perhaps you are aware of the importance of SEO for increasing traffic to your site, but do you know how to apply it to your Drupal site? Here comes the first book about search engine optimization for Drupal sites.

This practical, step-by-step guide takes the mystery out of Drupal search engine optimization (SEO) by showing you the tricks of today's top marketing pros to achieve top ranking in the search engines. This isn't a book of Drupal SEO theory – it's a practical guide showing you which modules to install, which settings to use, and dozens of the most closely guarded "tricks of the trade" to get your web site optimized, higher in the search engines, and more profitable.

With this book and basic Drupal 6 knowledge – how to log in, create content, and install modules – you can build a perfectly search engine optimized web site. Each chapter uses easy, step-by-step instructions to walk you through the Drupal SEO modules, configurations, and content you will need to increase traffic on your web site. You start by reviewing the modules and tools that you should use to optimize your site, how to set up your analytics, and so on. Each subsequent chapter gives detailed instructions on implementing these features in Drupal. Later chapters cover topics like site organization, A/B testing, and automatic content tagging to maximize SEO and increase the conversion rate of your web site. When you have completed the book, you will have implemented the changes to your site required to rank well in the search engines. If you want to maximize the return on investment of your Drupal 6 web site and gain a significant advantage over competitors who are not using Drupal, then this book is for you. Imagine how great you'll feel when your site is optimized to increase the number of visitors and convert them into paying customers.


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