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  • Set up your Dart environment to achieve the highest productivity
  • Structure, document, test, and deploy your apps
  • Use mixins, reflections, annotations, and other metadata programming techniques to create powerful apps
  • Use the power of modern browsers to process and store data
  • Communicate with JavaScript and use JavaScript libraries
  • Work with files, streams, and web servers by writing asynchronous code
  • Demonstrate the power of Polymer web components for binding data and structuring your web pages

Dart is a new open source programming language for the Web, developed at Google, with a steadily growing community. It is a single language for both client and server, and is apt for the complete range of devices on the Web, including phones, tablets, laptops, and servers. Stop solving new challenges with the same old tools—let Dart show you a new, simpler, and more unified way, which makes use  of the same language for both client and server.

This book is a pragmatic guide that will increase your expertise in writing all kinds of applications, including web apps, scripts, and server-side apps. It provides rich insights on how to extend your Dart programming skills.

  • Develop stunning apps for the modern web using Dart
  • Learn how to store your app's data in common SQL and NoSQL databases with Dart
  • Create state-of-the-art web apps with Polymer and Angular
Page Count 346
Course Length 10 hours 22 minutes
ISBN 9781783989621
Date Of Publication 23 Oct 2014


Ivo Balbaert

Ivo Balbaert has been a lecturer in web programming and databases at CVO Antwerpen, a community college in Belgium. He received a Ph.D. in applied physics from the University of Antwerp in 1986. He worked for 20 years in the software industry as a developer and consultant in several companies, and for 10 years as project manager at the University Hospital of Antwerp. From 2000 onwards, he switched to partly teaching and partly developing software (at KHM Mechelen, CVO Antwerpen). He also wrote an introductory book in Dutch about developing in Ruby and Rails, Programmeren met Ruby en Rails, by Van Duuren Media. In 2012, he authored a book on the Go programming language, The Way To Go, by IUniverse. He wrote a number of introductory books for new programming languages, notably Dart, Julia, Rust, and Red, all published by Packt.